Saturday, October 3, 2015

You Know It's Fall When

Yesterday Philly was blanketed with heavy rain and whistling winds from a nor'easter. It's still extremely cool today with temperatures in the 50's. This morning on my walk to the post office to retrieve what I hoped was one of my bulb orders, I encountered people with winter coats and hats. Kind of early for this but with our current weather I know a warm coat and hat feels good today. The inside of the house is wintry and too cool to my liking. The man who brings my wood is not scheduled yet. A fire tonight would be welcome but the electric space heater will have to due for tonight to give some heat to take the chill off the house.

So, you know it's fall when the first stink bug is found inside the house. Last night, not paying attention to what I thought was the sound of a bug, could have resulted in another stink bug attached to the top of my head. Last fall while sitting in my favorite spot on the sofa, I heard the buzzing of something big flying inside the house, but I didn't see anything. Until something said, feel the top of your head. You know what was there; a stink bug. I had whiplash trying to get it off me and someone should have taped me in action for YouTube. It thought I couldn't see it hiding on the living room curtains, but I have bionic eyes. I got the ladder and picked him off the curtain with a tissue. Hopefully not the first of more. Who gets a ladder to pick of a insect? I would never rest thinking that next, he'd be on me. I haven't even bought my house plants inside from the porch yet. This is a reminder to spray the plants before I bring them inside. They'll have to come in soon because it's cold although next week we expect some days in the 70's. The sweet potato vine in the sidewalk planters has already put up a fuss about the weather. A few more nights like we've had and it'll be done. 
I'm looking forward to seeing the trees turn. This is from last fall. Haven't seen any beautiful colors to photograph yet.
My bulb order was at the post office from K. Van Bourgondien & Sons. What did I get? Giant orienpet Lily altari, cyclamen hederifolium, giant orienpet Lily pretty woman, and paper white narcissus nir. Although bulbs come in different sizes the paper whites are the largest that I've had. I had to look at the order to make sure they were paper whites. I look forward to seeing the size of the plant. I think that cyclamen get planted now but I'll have to read a little more about them first. The instructs from the company say to plant at once. I sure didn't plan on bulb planting this weekend but I'll think about it. The lilies I believe wait till spring. I don't know. The ones I bought last winter were planted on my porch in pots in the spring and taken to the yard once it warmed up. I'll have to read what to do with them tonight as they are in their prime and I don't want anything to rot. Messing with chicken wire this weekend certainly wasn't in my plans but the bulbs certainly weren't bought for a early Thanksgiving feast for the squirrels. Chicken wire saved a lot of bulbs last fall. They still did their share of eating. 

Product of Israel. That's a long way from home. 

This is a project that has to happen soon. The PVC will go in my planters in the yard to make a frame to hold a frost covering I purchased for my fall veggies. I have yet to plant my romaine lettuce and broccoli and separate 2-3 of the healthiest cabbage seeds into separate containers. I waited late to plant them. Who knows if I'll get a cabbage head but it's experience for next year.
I'll get it together soon and see how it fits in the pots.
Peaceful Valley seeds enticed me. I guess just going to an empty lot would have done for some Queen Anne's lace since it grows here like a weed and may be invasive in some places. I always wanted some. The North American shade wildflower mix supposedly will be sown this fall when I get my site together. I purchased some peat moss, and manure to add with compost and vermiculite or perlite, and leaf mold to make some fresh soil for my yard. The weather and dampness stopped me from going to get free mulch, compost, wood chips, and maybe some wood for the fire from our recycling center in Fairmount Park today. You're allowed 30 gallons on each visit free. The make their own compost on site. Maybe next week when it's dry out. The kale was a pack of free seeds. My leaf mold may not even be ready. An article I read stated it takes 2 years for it to become like the texture of humus. I'll know when the bags are opened soon. Can you imagine growing your own miniature pumpkins? Where would this go? I'm hopeful. They can always be planted at my sister's house. I told her I'd bring some cabbages around for her yard as I have more seedlings than I have room for. Next season I'm going to talk her into getting a raised bed. She could have a huge garden in her yard and it's full sun. It may be a problem because raccoons think they own her yard.
Can't wait to try this in the spring. I love different lettuces. Five hundred tiny seeds. Not only did I choose it for is color and texture but read that it doesn't bolt easily.
I don't even know how to work with peat moss. I guess I'll learn. The wood is for another surface for fall veggies in the yard. Hopefully these things will get done. 

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