Friday, November 20, 2015

The Rush

It's that time when it's now or never. The last minute preparation for Thanksgiving. Sometimes a good idea doesn't seem so well planned when you go to the supermarket with a little less than a week before the holiday and surprise, everyone had the same idea. Go get your groceries before next week; didn't work. The market was packed and some sale items that I specifically went for were sold out for today. Customer service was closed. What do you mean closed at this time of day? No rain checks for what I want so maybe...I'll get up real early in the morning and get to the market before anyone else. That didn't work for me today. Maybe not a good idea. 

I'm still preparing for the holiday. Still cleaning, yes. This type of cleaning can only happen a few time a year or I would have no life or time to do anything else. A lot has already been done. Hanging curtains except for my bedroom which always seems to be last. Is it that way with you too? The room no one should be going into always seems to come last but it's the most important room for me. The day after a major family event is an important time for me. When the last guest leaves my holiday really starts. I can sit down, relax and take it all in. Expecting lots of family and cooking all the food doesn't usually allow me time to really enjoy the day until everyone leaves. After all the food not sent home with family is put away, I can get comfortable, probably eat because I eat little when entertaining; reflect on the day and how blessed I am, and think about whether they're any Black friday deals I need to go look at. 

I'm usually a online shopper but my sister loves going out and we've gotten in the habit of going out to catch ridiculously priced deals. One year my lap top and a desk top for mom. Mostly simple household items like 600 count sheets at dirt cheap prices if you can find any in the store. It's nice though not to even leave the house and get everything you wanted. No televisions for me though. At least not yet. I still have one older model that's still working well so no need for a flat screen. If I don't shop, fresh sheets and a clean room with pretty bedding await me. There's nothing like fresh clean sheets, my lap top, seed catalogues, Kindle, and more books and magazines than I can read after a long day. As I said before in another post, why do we do this to ourselves. All the cleaning and cooking for one day. I love it.

Image Christmas trees out for the last 2 weeks. I laughed 2 weeks ago when at Home Depot. Wouldn't want one. It's a while till Christmas. It would be dead, dead, dead long before Christmas unless it was displayed in a cool room. I don't have that type of luxury in my small house. 

It's looking dried out already. Every year I say I'll order Wiltproof. There's still time.
My cactus don't have this many blooms. I was envious. Mine may be dead. I walk pass them every day still sitting on my porch in November a week from December. Our weather has not been really cold but fluctuating every day from the 70's, 60,s and lower. Today in the 50's and cooler for the next few days.

Can you believe it's only after 4:00 and the moon is out! Have to hit the supermarket early then go on another day for those things I always forget. There's always something I forget and it's better to get it now and not when I start cooking and realize an ingredient is missing.
Meet Callie. She's our new member of the family. We went to an adopt a pet day last Sunday and she made sure someone took her home. She was showing out and made sure to reach her hand out of her crate to greet my daughter. Its was over then. She only wanted her. She's beautiful. Two years old and gave birth to kitten during  the summer and actually was very ill. She was taken care of by a foster parent and when well, taken to the pet shop for adoption. So now, she's in her forever home and has adjusted well as if she's lived her all the time. Since loosing my Joy after 17 years last February, I didn't think I'd ever get another pet but here she is. I'm still mourning Joy.

She loves her bed unlike my previous, Joy and her toys. Joy loved our beds and the furniture.

She's a beautiful girl and I'm pleased to be able to give her a home. I still have a lot to do. Wax the floors. Clean the oven and refrigerator to prepare it for all the food. Hang a towel rack correctly in the bathroom that fell. That's what took me to Home Depot after work; getting a stud finder so the towel rack will be secured properly and not fall down again. Wash glasses and plates and put them in a plastic bag till Wednesday night when I set the table and cover it. I've done a good job of decluttering the past month but books and magazine always accumulate in the living room near where I sit. There are still plants on the porch that need to come inside; still more grocery items on my list that I left in the car today so that didn't help; decluttering my bedroom, hanging curtains, and putting down a rug I bought from Walmart months ago; and finally preping anything I can ahead of time such as shredding the cheese for mac and cheese; making bread and cornbread for the stuffing as I let it sit a few days before using it for the stuffing; making fresh cranberry sauce; bringing in wood for the fire if it's cool enough for a fire on Thanksgiving as it's been so warm; and a lot of little small things. I have pies, cakes, and some items that I'll start next week and make myself do something each day after work. On Tuesday, dust and vacuum  corners of the living room and dining room as a cat is in the house again. And on Thursday morning get the vacuum with the hose attachment an do any touch up and try not to forget getting fresh flowers on Tuesday. The flowers by Wednesday will be picked over. It's a busy time.

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