Sunday, December 6, 2015

In The Yard-Bulb Planting

For those who wanted bulbs but didn't want to pay full price, now is the time to buy and plant if the ground isn't frozen in your region. I bought the pink ones and a pack of red and white yesterday for half price. So instead of paying $14.95, I payed $7.00's. I have some others outside in my grill. Yes  the grill. It has a top and squirrels can't get to them until ready to plant. I put them out there last week when the smell of a rotten allium made me put all of them outside after removing the rotten bulb.
Paper whites but not today. As you see they're sprouting and ready but on to the yard today.
I chose this one because I love fragrant flowers and also because it naturalizes so it should multiply hopefully and I shouldn't have to plant it again. At least not for a while.

One rotted. You never want to smell a rotten allium.

These were 1/2 price yesterday. Still nice and firm.
It's a beautiful day for bulb planting. I'm glad this is tree is not hanging over my yard. The last of the leaves have fallen and now I can rake them up although it'll take weeks to move things and get leaves that are lodged in crevices.

Not surprised to have to rake again since last Saturday the leave were falling like snow as we raked and bagged leaves.

It's  ashamed to have to cover them but it works. I bought a different type of mesh in a roll. I'm only doing one flower bed today and will use it all so I may need another for the other flower bed when I get to it. Don't forget the staples or bricks to hold down the wire. It's easiest to cut with pruners although you'll need to sharpen them afterwards. I have wire cutters but the pruners worker faster and safer.
Chicken wire from last fall.

Plant them pointed end up.
Iris were growing in their bag.


Allium my favorite. Can't wait to see them.

I thought I had a tarp for this planter but that's something else I have to do.
I hope the elephant ear bulb is nice and healthy in the spring.

The dust worked and it was aphids because they were gone when I opened the frost cover. I'm supposed to be organic gardening. I'll have to do better in the spring and only use organic methods. Didn't really research this product before I bought it. I'll have to use insecticidal soap or my own version of it with soap, water, and oil.
I planted about 6-8 little lettuces but most have been eaten. Maybe this one will eventually look like romaine lettuce.
This cabbage has a curled leaf. Maybe it's started to make a head. If it does anything I'll pull all the others to give it room to grow.
I don't know what will happen to the arborvitaes this winter as they were browning this summer.
Foliage on the lilies finally died. I'll cut it off another time.
For tomorrow after work. Put the corn out for trash on Tuesday and maybe hang some garland and a wreath.
What am I going to do with these? I eventually expect them to be all brown and possibly they may come back in the spring. I've never let them hang all winter. I'll see how it goes.

I said I wouldn't buy any but for $6.00's already in a container and with pebbles, couldn't be easier. They had larger ones but they were in soil and I don't want to introduce gnats into the house with seed starting time here. They're other colors and many varieties but these are fine with me.
I can actually rest now and do what my cat Callie is doing, stretched out snoozing. Have a good night.

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