Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Eve

Winter finally arrived but last summers annuals and perennials don't seem to know. I hope your eve of the new year is beautiful. While waiting for my sister at her house this morning, I surveyed her garden with plants still in different stages although most should be dormant unless evergreen. The annuals may be mush by Saturday as we expect temperatures in the 20's at night for several days. I started a tray of violas last night and put them on the porch for a period of cold. The geraniums remain on the heat mat.

They look like some type of daisy. Popped up during the fall from seeds scattered in spring. They're everywhere and soon to bloom showing their color. Anything my sister scatters comes up but not for me. I do better starting seeds inside.
That cactus needs to be inside. 

The blackie sweet potato vine should be dead except tubers if lifted.
Salvia and hyacinth bean vine with pods. I picked some seeds forgetting to let them dry on the plant. I'll see if they come up after the pod dries.
Gerbera Daisy
More salvia.
Impatiens and sedum.
Columbine. They grow well in my sister's garden but get attacked by leaf miner in mine.
The grass is thick and green.
Two types of sedum.
Pods from hyacinth vines.
Foliage from grape hyacinths have come up.

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