Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bulbs in The House

Several years ago I had a problem with fungus gnats during the winter. I tried everything to get rid of them including letting plants dry out  between watering, watering with chamomile tea, and other methods recommended on line. I even ordered a beneficial nematodes to water the plants. It came in winter via parcel post in an insulated box as these organisms were alive. I also used mosquito dunks. The culprit to the fungus gnat explosion were amaryllis. The peat soil was covered in them and getting rid of them was the most effective solution to the problem. Since then, I've never grown them or other forced bulbs in water again. This fall gnats were in the house again but not enough to be a nuisance and I didn't find them in the soil of plants but know what can happen with only a few as they lay their eggs in soil. I did see one landing in a pot so I sprayed all my houseplants with neem oil. Hopefully I won't have this problem this winter as I've already started seeds.

My dilemma is the 2 amaryllis that are past bloom still on a bed of stones with water. The fact that they developed a stalk and flowered beautifully amazed me as I didn't see one root develop until after they had almost finished blooming. Lifting them today I see root development on each and want to keep them for next year which I never do because the bulb is normally decreased in size and nutrients exhausted from forming the current flower stalks. The bulbs are still firm and about the same size this year for some reason and the foliage has started to develop. Of course I don't want to throw them out as their a variety I've never had. Each bulb had 4 ruffled like blooms on opening. No gnats have been seen on or near them nor when I inspected them today. I wanted to pull of the outer covering that has browned but don't want this to affect the bulbs.

Having read that keeping amaryllis bulbs from year to year is not recommended except for experts since they're susceptible to a virus I leary. Any way, I think I'll try this year. I'm going to plant them in potting soil. First I have to wash out to small pots as they like to be in tight container with not a lot of roof left between the bulb and pot. Then I'll have to find a spot for them. Wish me luck. I'm also going to read about care for them after bloom on some university extension or googling an association for hippeastrum care. I printed some information out on them in the past but locating it when I need it may be a challenge. I'll let you know what I find. You may already know. I know some basic information about the new foliage, allowing it to grow, and fertilizing it will give the bulb strength and help the new stalk for next year. But I want to give them the best start possible.

Tulips. They should be in a dark place but they're on my mantel growing roots.

I think this is another flower stalk. I don't know how it has the energy left with how the bulb looks.
Amarlyllis roots.
Off the subject of bulbs, what happened to her. I just showed her to you and she was fine.I don't over water her so what happened? Don't laugh. I'll take her out the pot tonight to see if it can be save.d If not, this is the third one. I didn't do it. Sometimes things happen to plants.

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