Saturday, January 16, 2016

Little Bit of Spring Indoors

The end of the week is my favorite time. A beautiful sunny day greeted me this morning when I opened my eyes. Sunny days always inspire me to clean and I did. The sun was followed by gray clouds in the afternoon around the time my cleaning stopped. But my wreath was done and I'm enjoying my bit of spring inside until my daughter stated, "I wonder what you were doing with those fake flowers because you don't buy them." Okay Sydney. 

Pumpkins from fall still adorned my container on the steps until today. Yesterday when I arrived home from work one was missing and the other partially eaten, lol. I said, "you're kidding me." It's amazing what squirrels can do. How can they remove gourds and pumpkins. The pumpkin left was now soft from freezing and thawing and a treat for the squirrels. Treats were over this morning when I disposed of it. They may tear up the container between tonight and tomorrow. This is the first year that's happened. They have to eat also.
I got the wreath done. A little more spring time while I wait for  the paperwhites and tulips. A white larger ribbon would be pretty. Searching the house for some type of container to force some of the hyacinths waiting to be planted. I'll plant most outside tomorrow before they rot. Didn't end up giving any away but maybe I'll save some for the neighbor.
I've never had a amaryllis with this many leaves. Going to try to pot both in soil tonight. Look at the seed pod on the other one. I hope it dries out and gives me some amaryllis seeds. It would be fun trying to grow them from seeds.
I talked about those nir paperwhites. As you see the ones left on the porch since September that received more cold developed roots almost immediately when I put them in water. So, I'm concluding that the bulbs needed a longer cold period as the other started a while ago didn't and haven't developed roots. I'll have a little more spring, soon. Can't wait to see them.
My cyclamen from the spring. No, I'm not always a good steward of my plants. After doing some reading I'm inspired to take it out of the pot and see if the bulbs or corms which ever they are, are still viable and report them in new soil and start watering them. It's later than it should be starting them but I save it to try. Let's see if I can get it to grow again.
I hung these in the bathroom around Thanksgiving. Normally I have fall colors but this year I wanted things to be lighter in the house year round. Maybe with the death of both parents in the past year and a half I don't want to feel down and light colors are my favorite. My orchid bloom is starting to die. But it's done well since Christmas with only filtered and not direct sunlight helping prolong the bloom.
My Callie and her new toy which she Loves! Drove my daughter crazy last night as she chased the ball around and around. She's a busy girl and loves her toys.

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