Thursday, January 14, 2016

Nir Paperwhites, Geraniums, and Violas

The nir bulbs I received in September have been extremely slow to start making roots, so day I spoke with the company to find out if anyone else called in about trouble with their bulbs. Customer service was very nice and informative regarding the proper planting technique, period for rooting temperature requirements, and other good facts. I was offered a credit for the bulbs and free shipping on my next order. I'm still waiting patiently for roots on those planted weeks ago. In the mean time I potted up the rest all at once because bulbs won't last forever before they start getting soft or drying out. The bulbs were very healthy when I received them and solid. Thankfully they still are. I will order Nir again but now I know they may take longer than ziva and inbal paperwhites. The agent spoke to another agent who was growing them this winter and she mentioned that they may take longer. I chose them as I've only had access to the other 2 types in my area at local stores.

Their home for now on the mantel. I knew that chicken would eventually be useful.
The tulips are coming along slowly. 
I put the remainder of the bulbs in this basket.
This basket has a plastic liner but I saw a small leak so on to another basket.
Transplanted to this. Moss would be nice to give them a better presentation but they're fine.
You know the saying "do as I say, not as I do." Well wash your containers. It was after work and I was relaxing on the sofa and something said, "you better start planting those bulbs. Spring is almost here." So,no I didn't was it. 
Three containers didn't make a dent in the bulbs. I still have lots to plant. Can't wait to smell them.
I planted 2 containers of tulips. The other clay pots are in the yard and shed so I'll do them on another day.
I'll water them and let them sit on the porch till spring. Won't have to worry about them being eaten or rotting.
Washing out pots and container will have to take priority in the fall. I want to start more seeds but I have last years containers to clean and disinfect before I can get more started. Herbs will probably be started in the pots to keep in the kitchen window.
Fake silk flowers for my wreath to assemble on the weekend. It's supposed to rain all day Saturday so this might be a good day to get more seeds started and the wreath done.
Violas starting to look like seedlings. Most are violas but some are pansies.

I haven't been able to save my geraniums seedlings. Most developed a yellow coloration while still tiny. I removed 2 today and maybe all if they continue dying. I have fresh seeds to start again. Losing seedlings after a lot of work is very disappointing.

I don't know what happened to them.

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