Thursday, January 28, 2016

She's a Beautiful Girl

She's blazing red and I couldn't capture her beautiful color. After it bloomed at Christmas, another flower stalk developed.The seed pod on the first stalk long past bloom is still fat and doing well. Maybe when these blooms fade and foliage develops, the pod will dry and I can remove it and save the seeds and cut the stalks. I'm going to plant it and place it next to another one I potted up last weekend while snowed in.

Nir paperwhites. I'm waiting patiently for growth and signs of flower stalks.

Just knew there would be tulip blooms by now but not yet. I looked on line tonight for hyacinth forcing vases  and maybe I'll just have to be creative. They'll last for my life time but one for sixteen dollars , no.
One of 2 pots of remaining nir paperwhites growing slowly. This weekend there was an awful smell in the living room and I thought, if I ifind something kitty is going to get it. It was the paperwhites on the mantel, rotten. They've been in water only covering the base for months. I'm glad the company gave me a refund on them. I'd love to see them bloom because with the size of the bulbs, the blooms have to be  beautiful and floriferous. 
Clivia, clivia, when will thou bloom? I was late trying the cold treatment this fall so, maybe no blooms this winter or spring. It has made it 3 years, hard to kill but she looks a little floppy tonight. Maybe she needes a small drink of water.

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