Sunday, January 17, 2016

Snow, Planting Bulbs, & Leaf Mold

We have our first snow. Supposedly only flurries, but it's already covering surfaces. Ironic because I just left the yard planting hyacinth bulbs and looking at seedlings from seeds scattered on the soil weeks ago. I hope they make it since the pack stated that they could be scattered in the winter. Perennials have tiny growth letting me know spring is not far away. Four hydrangea planted in the summer actually have buds, yeah. I guess I shouldn't get too excited because buds can die in the winter but I'm hopeful especially for the two planted in containers.

I went to the web site for the type I have planted in container and read recommendations stating to take the container inside to a unheated garage or basement over winter. Too late for that. I knew nothing about them and didn't know that the woody stick left after blooming and foliage is gone are next for next year's growth and shouldn't be pruned hard or you may be cutting off next year's blooms. Looked dead to me. Now I know that some grow on new and old wood as mine should. I'm excited about the coming season. 

Drum roll. I have leaf mold! Actually it's been ready for a while. How do I know if I didn't check? Lawn and leaf bags that were over three feet tall filled with leaves last fall are now flat and heavy to move. Actually it's been ready for a while. I read that it could take 2 years but mine didn't. It was ready in less than a year. Last night I was watching a UK gardening show and he was applying his leaf mold. It looked like compost. So since I was outside to finish planting the hyacinths, I opened the bag. You can see it below. I'm really amazed and it may seem silly to you but it's unbelieveable that leaves that are green, drop to the ground in fall, and sit for several months produce and organic soil enrichment that looks just like soil. I'm amazed and hooked. No leaf will go to waste. In the yard or out front. I can feel the soil in my garden improving already.
Unless squirrels tunnel under the soil, they won't be eating any hyacinths except for the spot on the end where I ran out of chicken wire.
The tops of bulbs are up all over the yard. Usually it's only the foliage of crocuses.
Buds on the hydrangea in one container. Our winter has been mild and the container is sheltered by trees and a fence so this may have helped them survive.

My leaf mold. Can you imagine that was once leaves.
Almost spring and this area hasn't been cleaned. I'll work on it some on our warm days but we've had plenty of day to get outside already. Three bags of leaves from this fall. I'll put them where I put the previous leaves.

Wouldn't know snow was arriving.
Looks like crocus foliage.
Seedlings from scattered seeds.
Buds on the hydrangea in the ground.
Anemone is surviving and I removed seeds from it today.
Finished just in time to miss the snow.
Snow covered hyacinths now. They'll enjoy the snow.
On the porch. I tried taking one inside one year. Didn't work. This year I decided to leave them hanging and see what happens. Don't think I'll have to buy any in the spring. Fresh soil, water, and a haircut and lets see what happens.
I kept some to force inside.
Anemone seeds pods.
Taken from the mum in the yard.
Time for a fire.
No help.

Took the cyclamen out. It was a small pug. I'll soak it to remove some soil and see what I have.
Coffee break.
Rest in the best spot in the house.

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