Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Earth Knows

The coming spring announced it's arrival Saturday morning. It's still winter but God's creatures, the earth, and plants already know that spring isn't far away and they're preparing. Perennials are still sleeping but many like sedum and roses have new growth. Birds sang and sat in packs in the maple trees hanging over my yard. There had to be at least 30. I think they're robins with their gold breast. When I'm out gardening in the yard during the spring and summer they're not fearful of humans and go about picking earthworms from the soil. Sparrows fly all winter but I haven't seen a robin since last spring. 

Spring bulbs have already emerged from the soil. That's not good. Our weather this year is the cause of that. Hopefully they'll be okay. Grass has started to grow again usually a sign of the spring coming in my yard.Today the robins are still in the tree and didn't fly away when I came outside to pick some rosemary for my chicken stock. Making chicken noodle soup or supposedly showing my daughter how to make it. Her favorite. I hope you're having a beautiful day. We had rain followed by a blue sky and it's warm outside. I rode with my daughter on some of her store errands this morning and got a ride to Home Depot. 

I wasted my time going to get some clay pots for some of the bulbs that arrived on Saturday. What gardening center stops selling clay pots? I couldn't believe it. Maybe I'll try Walmart tomorrow where the prices or selection won't be the same. Eventually I'll probably have to go to the nursery in Glenside. Philly needs a closer nursery in my area. I could ride to South Philly or other neighborhoods but it's more convenient close to home and different places sell them at their own prices. Clay pots are usually inexpensive.

Saturday was the first time in months that I heard the birds sing and fly swooping in and out of the trees. The robins have returned and it appears that they've had a good food source because they're bigger than usual. I haven't seen them since last spring.

Although it rained last night and this morning, the soil in the yard is still dry. What I noticed most is grass starting to come up. This normally happens in my yard when spring is approaching. Kind of early but with the weather anything is possible.

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