Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Weekend

Speckles Lettuce

Will separate some into different pots.
Broccoli starting to look like broccoli.
Kale and the Swiss chard not acting nice. More needs to be sowed. The peat pot get gunky so hopefully many of the vegetables will be transplanted into plastic pots tonight.
Spinach with mold on the soil. I'll water it less and turn the fn on the seedlings.
Tomatoes growing and still doing well.

What happened to the radishes? A tangled mess and mass of root that have outgrown the container. I seperated them into 3 clumps till I decide what to do with them.
Orange black eyed Susan vine. This is why you don't start seeds early. Before the last frost, it'll be twined all over everything. It doesn't matter though because if broken the roots are still alive and it'll take off again. Usually I sit them out and we have an unexpected cool night that appears to kill them but only the top. When it warms up it starts growing again.
Petunia all of three seedlings. Peat pots weren't good to me for these as every day they were dried out germinated but died due to lack of water. I may sit sow some and place in the window as the seed shelf has gotten full and my violas moved to the window seal.
White swan echinacea. Four of 12 seeds germinated and I'm happy for 4 seedlings because I just found them in my refrigerator with a date on the package of 2012.
Sweet pea seedlings from 4 year old seeds. I've only tried them once but didn't take care of them once planted in the ground. Lets see if I can pay better attention to them this year.
Apple blossom geraniums seedlings. Maybe they'll be transplanted next weekend when the other three seedlings have at leaf a true leaf.
White black eyed Susan vine from old seed. Only 1 hasn't germinated yet.

My pumpkin finally got soft. Picked it up by the stem as I've been doing all winter and the stem came off. Maybe the squirrels will find this a welcome treat in the yard.

They dug up the hyacinth bulb and left it sitting there uneaten. It must not be tasty.
Eventually I'll get to them and give them a hair cut, cut off half the roots, and put in fresh soil. Then pray that they reappear.
It's supposed to go up to 60 degrees today. Temperature on the porch now.
I replanted some of the vegetables and put them back on the shelf. This was their first day out of the house for a few hours although only 1 hour is recommended on the first day. It's early to be hardening them off but when they get a little bigger I'm planting the cool season ones in the yard with a frost cloth. 
The sad looking Swiss chard wasn't done but I'll get to it tomorrow.

They've grown since I transplanted them last week. None have died.

My 2 pansies.
Dragon wing begonias, sadly.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Transplanting Coleus

This is why I like pelleted seeds. Many will go in the trash. Actually they still did well and grew all clumped together. Disc where I took the seedlings apart too early didn't do this well. Some look like impatiens but they're coleus.

Chocolate mint coleus is growing slowly. I regret not starting more of these. The pellets stay dry and will probably do much better when transplanted but I can't do them all tonight. 

The variegated white ones are one of my favorite and for some reason they're not usually many in a pack.

Enjoying the spring flowers.

Freckles lettuce is actually getting some variegation. Lets see how it looks by the weekend.
They're the star of the ornamental annuals so far. Lets see what can out shine them.
Ivy Leaf pelargoniums are really doing well and I'm excited to see them bloom this summer in a hanging basket. Pink ones from last season are in my basement. I bought the whole pot in. Maybe it's time to unpot it, give it a hair cut and fresh soil and see if it can return.