Friday, February 19, 2016

Seedling Progress

Starting to look like lettuce but still fragile. I picked this variety for the variegated freckled spots that hopefully will develop in time. It's hard to imagine  it's romaine lettuce and will form  loose heads. I pray they make it but just in case, I'll sow some in a container outside when I get some compost to add to my potting soil. Although I've been reading a lot about growing lettuce, I didn't read that it didn't like warm lights but it appears not to like the heat from the light because it wilts in spite of watering. Maybe only cool bulbs are better for growing it when not direct sowing.
Sorry for my glee, I'm so excited about these vegetable seedlings that I used to pay for every spring. Look at my tomato. Edible seedlings seem to be stronger and hardier than ornamental seedlings.
Kale and broccoli is growing beautifully. 
Tomatoes and one lettuce seedling in the pot which was for peppers. When the seedling germinated I thought it was a pepper but not so. Pepper seeds must take longer to germinate as I've read. The ones started were older seeds and still didn't germinate yet, but I started other fresh hot pepper seeds and hope they'll germinate.


Radish on the left, pak choy, bib lettuce, broccoli rhab, and purple lettuce. Chives and another herb have not germinated.  They had white mold on to so I had to remove the plastic. I'll keep them moist and hopefully they'll germinate soon.
Radishes seem to be aggressive. They're large only after 1 week and all germinated at once in 2 days.

Kong red coleus is doing beautifully. All eleven seeds germinated and are growing nicely.

Red ivy leaf geraniums. I regret not ordering more of these but I may later for a plant to stay inside. I have 6 seedlings left. Seven of 1 seeds germinated and one died later after being dropped on the floor.
That's the smallest one still with it first leaves.

Two surviving violas. 
Black eyed Susan seedlings with orange flowers. Ten seedlings planted and all germinated. I also planted a container of white ones but the seeds were old and haven't come up yet.

Viola seedlings. The whole flat wasn't planted but all did not germinate. I may get a few to adulthood.

Coleus, I separated some but they were too small and didn't do well. It's time to separate these now. I can see one white one and maybe some all green. My favorite part of growing them is waiting to see what colors I have.Every year I buy more but not this year. Although they don't look like the store bought ones to begin with, in the end the look even better and grow larger.
Chocolate mint coleus. Maybe I'll get a few. They dry out so quick in peat under lights. Hope to get them planted this weekend.

Planted last week. Echinacea, sweet pea, petunia, and dichondra emerald falls. Dichondra is the only seed that's germinated but I expected  petunias to be the first because they're usually easy but let's see what happens. I planted a lot of seeds that didn't make it and have had more failures than successes. The sweet pea will be removed and put in the window seal where it's cooler.
Dichondra were pelleted seeds from last season but they all appear to be germinating.
Geraniums sowed last week pelargonium appleblossom. The replacement seeds sent by Swallowtail.  It's early but I'm not impressed with their germination rate after 1 week. I hope you're having success with your seedlings.

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