Saturday, February 20, 2016

Thinking Of Spring

The approach of spring. In my home I think we've been wishing for spring all winter. Eating green salads filled with beautiful vegetables, and a bounty of fruits. Of course the fruit is not seasonal but I ate my share of falls apples and drew the line at watermelon from who knows where. Although no fruit is off limits but not really a good thing traveling far and probably losing a lot of the vitamins and health benefits that come when you eating local. Although it's seasonal where grown. A lot of our fruit comes from California and out of the United States during the winter. It'll be months before we eat our first local grown berries and other fruits and produce.
This is the first winter not having many cut flowers. I avoided the produce market except for Christmas and Thanksgiving. There haven't been a variety of rose only pink, lavender, and of course red. Doesn't matter to me, I don't discriminate with roses. They smell wonderful.

Twenty four for$6.50 and enough for the living room, my and my daughter's room.

Amaryllis still in water and Nir paper whites. I have to get the amaryllis into soil soon. The seed pod burst open and I collected over 40 seeds. If they're viable, trying to grow some should be interesting.
Amaryllis seed pod and seeds. Sowing them will have to wait because I know I would forget about them and forget to water or something and destroy the seeds. I put them in the refrigerator until I have time to plant them and hope this doesn't harm them.

Can you believe these are the same Nir paper whites? I don't think they were paper whites but regular narcissus that's why they're taking so long. Two need to be removed because the top is dead but the bulbs are still solid but didn't develop roots.

Anticipating my own home grown radishes.
My lunch from home on Friday.
Something to read tonight.
Seeds from the garden center today. The sweet pea seeds are for containers and cascade down. I never thought I'd see them on the seed rack today but there they were. Not exactly reasonable priced. The lettuce was the highest price. A trip to the nursery today for compost resulted in other purchases also. A good quality potting soil,  Espoma soil acidifier for the hydrangea, and also their brand of bagged dehydrated chicken manure.  Got some Sluggo. It's allegedly organic but there's some debate as to whether it harmful. I thought I went to nursery heaven, until I got the bill. This is why I stay away from nurseries. The seeds, bare root plants, potato and onion starts, fruit trees and bushes, mulch, more types of compost than soil amendments than I ever imagines, just a wonderful day. Not to mention the house plants in the greenhouse.

Are you thinking of spring. I brought some forced pots of bulb since mine haven't been successful. They're on my porch. Maybe tomorrow I'll make a spring arrangement.

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