Friday, March 18, 2016

Before The Storm

Thought I'd get some pictures out front before the storm. No particular color scheme but I loved the purple violas. There was no variety yet as it's still early and many nurseries don't have them available yet. Did they say spring arrives on Sunday? It won't be the first spring storm we've had. I remember a major snow storm on Easter years ago. We won't hope for that. I planted these last weekend after the attempted visit to Fairmount Park.The weather has spoil my plans to start on the yard this weekend, it's a wreck. I went out today after looking out the window and seeing that some of my miniature iris bulbs had survived! Most were ate but they're beautiful. I'll show you them when I go out back.

Last fall's pansies did well with a tag from something planted last year to remind me what it was.
I like the sedum when it's like this not when it blooms.

Catmint coming up and what's left of tulips not eaten. Many were though but when I removed the chicken wire last weekend I sprinkled the soil with cayenne pepper and it appeared to help. Giving the bulbs left time to emerge. Squirrels usually leave them along once they emerge.
The poppy came back. One died last summer. I'm surprised because it grew large all winter that died down and now is coming back out.
Sad news. Looks like she's dead. Keep hope alive. Lets see what happens. Do you think it dead? We had such a mild winter. Don't laugh.

They're beautiful but most were eaten. It was a whole clump of dwarf iris. I'll work on the patch in the fall.
Last falls pansies are coming out again. It'll look better after I freshen it up, promise.
I have to clean this up. You see the sad grass. We call it crab grass. Bagged leaves never moved, dead boxwood. Soil from Homedepot, fence needs to be hosed down and post cleaned and made pretty. Still have to go get compost for the flower beds in April and mulch.
The chives seem happy that spring has soon sprung. It came up thicker and not thread like all last season. Maybe it takes a year in a container to do well. I'll see.
I found that I like fresh parsley but don't know if it made it. If not I'll sow some fresh seeds.
Looks like the thyme survived. I loved going out in frigid weather and picking fresh thyme. Can't wait to add some different herbs this year.

Last years strawberries. Expecting another variety when my order comes in the mail.
One day I'm going to find some wood planters and this area will look more like I want it to. Tomorrow is their day. Fresh soil, leaf mold, and some organic fertilizer and they'll be ready to go when the weather allows.

I have to get these out.
The problem again this year. Leaving the chicken wire on too long trying to outsmart squirrels. Now to find something that will allow me to cut it off and not damage all the foliage. I pulled most of it off and didn't worry about the damage. The tulips will still come up.
There are some bulbs the squirrels didn't eat but they ate plenty.
I'm going to divide these narcissus after they bloom. They've been there for years but only get a few blooms.
Echinahea came back. I'm happy about that.
That's the remnants of the pumpkin I placed there for the squirrels and raccoons to eat. It was devoured the next day.

On the porch. Will there be shoveling or not?

I hope those hyacinths get taller than that or I'll have to give them some help.
And to think it'll soon be in the 30's then 20's. 

Home from my desk so I can enjoy the blooms finish.

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