Sunday, March 6, 2016

Philadelphia Flower Show

You won't be able to attend the Flower Show this year? Come see some of the show with me although I can't promise stellar pictures as I took most with my cell phone and some with a digital camera. Maybe extra care to nice pictures wasn't as important this year because it's hard to enjoy the show and take pictures. I went later in the day which was good because the crowd wasn't as bad and you could actually take pictures. I  think you'll still enjoy it. This year's theme, Explore America 100 Years of the National Park Service.

I loved the show this year as it was a visual display of scenes that I envision myself living in brought to me by parts of the United States that I yet hope to see. Yosemite, Valley Green here in Philadelphia, Log cabins and their forested surroundings were so beautiful. Actually I probably only saw 1/2 of the show. Many of the competitions, miniatures, other displays, amazing house plants that people grow in their homes, and other parts of the show I normally see on the first day, await to be explored next week on my second day to the show. Four hours later and I'd only seen part of the show. What disappointed me the most? People who touched and sat on items in the display to take pictures! Although signs clearly stated, "do not touch." What, how can you when people take hours and money to set up these displays. So tasteless. Grow your own flowers, take pictures in your own gardens people.

What did I buy? Only modest purchase this year so far. Of course the plants said, "take me home" all of them but memories of unsuccessful purchased houseplants not appropriate for the conditions in my home made me make wiser choices. Lots of herbs but why buy them when I can start my own from seed for pennies. I avoided the scented geraniums after last year's allergic reaction to them at the show. Maybe next week, one air plant for one of many unused containers I have but I'm cautious of them also because they require a humid environment not the growing conditions in my home. 

I bought 3 pothos that I've never seen for their green and white varigated leaves, lemon verbena soap from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's store  that smells wonderful. I buy that every year, and some bulbs of Paintbrush African starfire Lily (haemanthus multiflorus) and gloriosa superba rothchildiana lutea. Both came with instructions and liquid fertilizer which is very helpful.

Next week when I go back, I may get some other plants I had my eye on. Maybe they'll be discounted by then. I avoided bare root plants although I still looked at all of them but didn't breakdown and buy any after my poor success with them last year. No seeds purchased but the Chinese cabbage seeds from Kitazawa Asian seed company whose catalogue I always get was available but the hyacinth bean vine with white flowers was not. I'll order those. All the vines that I've seen and the ones I grow have pink flowers but this is the first time I've seen the white blooming ones.

I'll update the page when there's time because today, I'm getting started in the yard. Lots of cleaning up to do, and I have to plant my bare root peony Let's see some of the show.

The cut flowers were one of my favorites. Pictures can't capture how beautiful they were.

Valley Green Inn, Philadelphia. Saul High School did a beautiful job again this year with this display. It's beautiful there with trails and the water fall. Nice to go wading and put your feet in the water on hot days. It's always packed with walkers, runner and those picnicking and fishing.

Lupines are pretty.

Those are beautiful. Didn't get a picture of the name tag.
Nasturtium were beautiful.

The Market

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