Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Seedlings

Next year, I'll pay attention to when to start dates for seeds because I foresee a problem with  big vegetables and our last frost is around April 17th. Lettuce, kale, broccoli, and radishes should be able to go outside now with frost coverings.

They grew overnight, literally. Look at the kale and lettuce leaves.

Tomatoes.Time for Solo plastic cups so they can go deeper in the soil up to the last set of true leaves.

Still need to remove the extra and have only 1 in a pot because they're big girls.
Begonias but doesn't look like they're any dragon wing ones only the bada bing's. If they all make it they'll be enough for my planter on the steps.
Peppers seem to grow slow. I'm glad they came up.
Cucumbers bush type for containers.

Neem oil on the coleus. Saw some fungus gnats flying the first time this winter. You know it only take one gnat.
One cone flower left. There were 4. I'm blaming it on the peat pots. It'll be transplanted hopefully tomorrow. I transplanted a lot of other seedlings today and I'm done for the day.
Orange flowering black eyed Susan vine. I dropped it on the floor. Don't know what happened to the other seedlings. I planted 5 and all came up. That pot of chives has not germinated. They must be hard to germinate because it's fresh seed.
Ornamental sweet pea trying to die. It was bone dry. Watered and tomorrow will transplant to another pot.
I've been calling it speckles it's freckles lettuce. Beautiful color.
Started more Swiss chard. Hopefully it'll do better in a plastic pot.

What am I going to do with that? Especially the bibb lettuce. Love that the sage germinated.
Geranium put in a larger not cut in half cup.
Geraniums with too much time in the eggs crate and probably not enough fertilizer. I transplanted these except one without leave only a stem.
White black eyed Susan vine. They were dried up this morning. I'll let them rest and transplant them tomorrow.
Today's transplants not pretty but hopefully they'll do okay.

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