Friday, March 25, 2016

Vegetable Seedlings

Transplanting except the lettuce on the left that didn't appear to get enough water and is wilted. I'll water it and if it perks up, plant later. They did well hardening off outdoors. Spinach, cucumbers Swiss chard, hot peppers and sage are still inside under grow lights. The spinach and Swiss chard may be thrown out. It's alive but appears to do much better direct sown. Peppers are growing nicely but the cucumber has some browning on the tips of the leaves. I don't know if it's the light or some deficiency. I'll show them when I rearrange the seed shelf.
The soil is damp although it was in a bag there were holes for air and water entered. My nephew helped me with the soil but I should have taken more care choosing bags because I hate water laden soil that's been sitting outside at the garden center.

Three broccoli and 2 smaller ones still inside. When I removed the frost cover a white butterfly flew away from the top. The cover hasn't been open so how did they know this family of vegetables were there? Gods creatures are smart and know how to survive. My fall broccoli had a bad problem with aphids and hopely this won't be round two. Although from what I read, the brassicacea family have more trouble with aphids in the fall than in spring. I've never had problems with them in the past on spring planted ones. Last fall was the first time I've planted for a winter harvest.
Compost and leaf mold added. Really didn't like the texture of Dr. Earth potting soil although it appears healthy and had organic additives.
The broccoli rabe is pretty. Hope I like it.


Last year Italian parsley. This year curly that I did buy for one dollar.
Bare root strawberries. Recommended to soak over night.
Pak Choy. Will have to be thinned out to a few large ones when they grow.

Cone Flower

My tiny clematis that hopefully one day will increase in size.
Must be a nice life to sleep  all day on the porch, take a stretch, and go in for sips of water and food. She runs the house and porch. Lettuce and radishes can live on the porch and continue to grow. Cant wait to see the radishes form.


Trying to keep the tomatoes alive.

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