Sunday, March 20, 2016

Welcome Spring

My lettuce and radish seedlings almost met with death. The lettuce is past size in my opinion to be in the house so I took most of the larger seedlings some to the yard and lettuce and radishes to the front porch. You're growing lettuce and radishes on the porch? It should work after they're hardened off because they were not happy today after being transplanted. The temperature on the porch was 50 degrees, warm enough for them to be on an enclosed porch but maybe not the whole day or night yet. They now reside on the dining room table until morning and then they're going back out. They've had several trips to the porch so I don't know what the fuss was all about.

Tomorrow I'll see what the fate is of the seedlings taken to the yard today. Covered with a frost cloth until later in the week when it's warm and I have time to take care of the containers before planting them. I feel free having them out the house. Now something must be done with the tomatoes after the containers are washed. And after hours on the porch and a brief trip in the yard, I'm inside, warm and watching the rain and snow showers. Have a beautiful Spring.

It's cold out and it looks like a storm is coming.

Looking forward to eating the kale and seeing it grow.
Tangled radishes. It'll take time to separate them. They need to be direct sowed into the soil not in the house.
Two 24" containers for the lettuce and radishes.

The're going in the yard. Broccoli, broccoli rabe, and kale.

Three small containers of radishes to be transplanted.
Although they were very tangled I was able to separate them. Some were small and these were thrown away but I have a good small crop.

I have to squeeze them in near the window. What's going to happened next week when I paint those window pane? I'll have to remove everything. 
They fit just fine.
Four should fit nicely and not crowd the container. My daughter asked when can we eat it?
She looks like she's been caught doing something she shouldn't and she was. We I had a fight on the porch over eating the lettuce
My 2 arborvitae took a beating with 22 inches of snow in one day. Don't know if they'll make it. I'll wait a while though. Spring, the warmth of the air and sun, and longer days might help them.
Still covered because squirrels still dug and line hyacinth bulbs up on the bricks bellow not even biting them. I found out some time ago that they must not taste good because they'll leave them along and narcissus also.
Next project on a warm day is soaping and hosing down the fence. Too cold today for that and with a storm coming I can wait.
For the flower bed. Smelled like a chicken coop after wards. The peony should love it and was the main reason for coming into the yard today. It's broken ground and hopefully some fertilizer will help it produce lots of blooms this spring unlike last year, there were none.
For the hydrangea in containers from last summer.
The pansies look better after being cleaned up some.
Rose. The orange substance is cayenne pepper. The only thing I've found that will deter squirrels. My mother used to make a spray with pepper but she's not here to ask how to make it.
Most of the narcissus have tips damage by our strange weather which cause bulbs to emerge earlier than they normally would. 

Hyacinths and seedlings I winter sowed. I believe they are perennial lupines.
The pink hyacinth has survived 3 years but I've noticed that after the first year the head is no longer full of flowers. All the foliage on the bulbs has been nibbled by squirrels. They were bad this year. Little creatures can do a lot of damage.

I bought the hoops a year ago and they've been sitting. I had 2 large and 2 smaller ones. The larger ones are a fit.
Not planting these today just putting them outside under the hoop until there's time to plant them if the cold doesn't kill them tonight.

Back inside watering the seedling. The pelargoniums I sowed after losing the others. Didn't think they'd make it because they all turned yellow except the larger one which is from my first sowing of 30. Fertilizer made a difference and the yellowing stopped and the leaves actually didn't fall off. These are appleblossom and the larger one I think is a white one. The 7 ivy leaf ones are in another tray and doing well. I'll show them to you when I replant some other seedlings. I hope your seedlings are growing well in the house or winter sown.

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