Saturday, April 30, 2016

And April Ends

Swan Island Dahlias arrived about 3 weeks ago. The name of each dahlia is stamped on it. They're healthy and solid. Now where to plant them. After I planted 3 I remembered the web site saying to start them inside. To late for the 2 I planted but hopefully they'll do well. No to keep Mr. Squirrel from digging them up and making a meal of them.

Squirrels tore up this flower bed and the pots on the step 3 times last week. The dug up and ate tulip bulbs and left the remains. There was a pretty bouquet of pink tulips in this spot. After I replanted some and took a few inside, it was time for cayenne pepper. So far no more digging.

Nice to see the allium return. I found out it's name but can't remember. Looking forward to the lollipop blooms.

Planted a dahlia where the tulips were eaten and planted the black eyed Susan vine a tangled mess that I didn't untangle. Maybe tomorrow.

Black eyed Susan Vine.
My geraniums seedlings. Can't wait to see them bloom. Not bad at all. Saved lots of money growing them from seeds. I have 8 more, 4 ivy, and 4 like these. My sister may get the four like these.

The alyssum in the geraniums go well with the violas that haven't shown signs of slowing down yet.
Broccoli rabe is ready to eat before it goes to seed again.
The lettuce grew since last week.
We've had a lot of rain and it's helped the pak choy to grow.

Strawberries have lots of blooms.

Last years look strange.

Sorry for the side way picture.

A lot of the bulbs on the other side need to be deadhead on another day. Then I can put down some compost, leaf mold, impatiens and coleus and finally mulch. I have a plant for the container. Wish they could be planted tomorrow but it's supposed to rain. If it's not a steady rain and too muddy I'll plant them.
All the blooms are done on this side.
My order for Select Seeds arrive and I was pleasantly surprised because plants I ordered several days ago didn't look this good.

More geraniums that aren't available by seed but need to be propagated. I bought small pots but should have gotten the smaller ones because these are only about 2 inch pot seedlings. Geraniums get large fast but I think I'll find some smaller clay pots in my shed.

So there is geranium distinction, asarina creeping gloxinia wine red, delphinium green twist, alernanthera partytime, Chinese foxglove, geranium gardener's joy, and geranium Mrs. Parker.

Lemon balm will be ready for a clay pot soon, hardened off and taken to the yard.
Started more cucumber seedlings after I let the other's die and one plant at the garden center was three dollars. No way.
Some of the tulips ripped out by squirrels found a place inside. I love the idea of my own cut flowers but didn't expect to get them this way.
My reading tonight.
My first time seeing this magazine in the store.
Starting next for the fall sometime soon. For my flower bed and containers outside, They're small and should look pretty. This will be my first year planting sunflowers for the fall. I hope your gardening season is going well.

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