Wednesday, April 13, 2016

First Salad & Admiring the Spring Bulbs Again Today

Picked some lettuce and made a salad. My romaine mixed with other lettuce. I may never buy lettuce again even in winter. Going to have to work on that.

Forgot to cover the strawberries so when they get full I can eat more this season before the animals do. I'll try to remember to put chicken wire over the container tomorrow. The folded flowers hold the strawberry inside before it emerges. I never realized this until now.
Frost cover removed to let them enjoy this sunny day.

Last falls pansies did well and I didn't have to add more.

Squirrels have really been bad since fall. I can't keep this planted because they tear it up and dig holes although nothing is planted in the soil but the pansies.
Don't think the hydrangeas survived. They did have buds but not now. I shouldn't have removed the leaf mulch before spring. Now to decide what to put in them.

I moved all the lupine seedlings out of the way of the fern.

The moss is pretty in the yard till the heat comes.

Can't kill that mum. It's tiny but blooms every fall.

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