Monday, April 11, 2016

In The Yard-The Vegetables

So pleased with the veggies. Very little blemishes, and no wormholes or aphids. My only disappointment is not sowing carrotts and beets, my favorites. There is always the fall.
The bibb is a pretty lettuce.
Broccoli. Thought it would  be bigger by now but I won't complain.

The lettuce on the porch is larger. Lettuce seems to like a little warmth because the one's on the porch are huge.
The red romaine lettuce doesn't like the cold and most didn't do well. I'll probably direct sow more seeds on the next dry day.

Broccoli rabe is getting huge but no florets yet. Hopefully soon so we can eat it.

Pak Choy

So disappointed with the peony. I saw 1 bud. No other blooms. Sad and I guess the fertilizer in the spring didn't help. Applying in the fall might have and I'll keep that in mind this fall.

They're finally showing out today. Just beautiful. Can't wait to order next years.

I read that these were large tulips and they are and I don't mean tall. They're very healthy foliage wise and the tulip is as large as my opened hand. That's it's normal position not like when they open completely out before dying.

The white tulips don't form heads they're sort of ruffled.
Seems early for the dicentra to be blooming.

It would be nice  if that rose bush continued to grow  this season. Last summer slugs and snails ate every leaf. This year, sorry to do it but for the sake of all the plants, Sluggo. I didn't apply it today because it's going to rain tomorrow and I want to do it when it can be down several days before rain although I don't think the rain makes it ineffective.
Pak Choy is growing slowly.
The new strawberries still growing nicely.

One strawberry plant is loaded with strawberries.

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