Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Is That Snow?

That's what I said when I saw my car this morning. Car windows covered in powdery snow and frozen tulips. Who would guess with our last frost date April 14th that nights would be below freezing, heat and winter coats needed. It could be worse. Some places are still getting measurable snow.The frigid nights don't seem to have bothered my container vegetables in the yard. We've had heavy winds that have come and gone and are expected again with a cold front coming from Canada. Although the veggies were covered with a frost cloth and I thought secured from coming off, today when I checked it was off and maybe off for several days from the wind. They didn't flinch from the temperatures.

I've been watching the tulips from my window. Today was time to go see them. Some have opened. I want to enjoy them while they're at their peak although so far I'm only liking one variety and they're tall and big in person. The biggest I've had and I believe supposedly perennial. Most tulips will return if they don't rot or get eaten over summer. Many sources say to dig them up after the foliage dies to let them dry out, store in a cool place and replant in the fall. That's a lot of work.

Theses are the same orange variety I bought last fall and they were beautiful. They look nothing like  last years.
Not only are these beaten up by the weather and nibbled by squirrels when I looked at them I said, "what are they." I believe these came from Breck's and is supposed to be firespray. Maybe I'd better look at what I ordered but won't be ordering these again.
Tulips coming up and hyacinths falling down. I should have propped them all up but maybe tomorrow. They're heavy and our windy weather probably  knocked them down although hyacinths are top heavy and may usually need stalking. They're still  my favorite.

Hellebore I planted is doing well.
Two of three heuchera survived and growing new leaves. It's time for me to put down some sluggo before the snails and slugs start feasting. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

Lilies  that it's looks like have been picked on by you know who.

They may be yellow irises that I thought were eaten.
Uncovered during the freezing temperatures but doesn't appear to have been damaged without a frost cloth.

That's what 22 inches of snow will do to a shrub. Don't know if she'll make it.

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