Sunday, April 24, 2016

Next Stop Outdoors

Time for the last seedlings to be hardened off and planted outside soon.
Swiss chard is growing slowly.

Maybe I'll make time to pot these up next week. They'll be houseplants. It's amazing that they grew. It took months for them to do anything. When I was going to throw out the whole container I saw a seedling emerge. My advice if you start these is just to leave them alone and covered with a humidity dome and keep moist but not saturated. Eventually they'll emerge.

Lemon Balm planted last week and the nasturtiums below.
Trailing container nasturtium.

Pepper plants somewhere in there and the black eyed Susan vines.
No rest for  gardener.My giner decided it wanted to be potted up for the summer. From what I saw online, it's a pretty plant. After tending the seedling why I would want to start anything else surprises me, but I'll probably start more seeds. Thing I've been wanting to try like bird of paradise which takes a long time to germinate and some other seeds like African violets, dwarf sunflowers for fall, and Jack be little pumpkins. Later in the summer it would be fun to give cabbage a try again. This time I'll plant it earlier so maybe I can get a head. 

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