Saturday, April 9, 2016

Snowing Outside/Gardening Inside

It's a pretty snow and if it were colder it would stick. Going to the Reading Terminal for lunch was my plan but instead the seedlings got some care in the plant hospital before I killed them.
It's nice to already have clean containers and not stop and wash some first. And when in need, I use plastic cups. No washing needed.

Time to do something with the Swiss chard. So many seedlings and no space for them. But, I found something to put them in till they get to their final place. 

Black eye Susans for the plant hospital.
What the black eyed Susans in plastic pots look like. They're running all over the place. Actually some over wintered out front because our weather was so strange this last.
Going to transplant the begonias. They looked near death last night before I watered them. It took too long to get them this far to let them die.
We have cucumbers, black eyed Susan vine, and sage in the plant hospital. Shame on me. The black eyed Susans and sage in those peat pots look that way every day. Water brings them back. The cucumbers will be fine in a large pot and paying attention to it. To cold to plant out next week on the last frost date but still time to start more. I think it'll be fine.
Pelargoniums are doing well. Zonal and ivy leaf.

Also in the plant hospital to be transplanted and hopefully she'll perk up.
Three broccoli seedlings not looking hopeful but I have some doing well already in the yard.
Trying to make sure the survive. Put in a clear bag for added humidity for a few days till they look the way I want them to. I'll open the bag gradually and eventually take them out.

This one should be interesting.

The amaryllis has been waiting to be planted since after Christmas.

Today the ivy geraniums were to go in a hanging basket but, another day.

I took them back off the shelf as recommended for new transplants because the lights made them wilt.

Planted 1 egg carton of petunias earlier in the winter with no success. It's still not too late. The lemon balm would be nice for tea and the cilantro is for my daughter.

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