Friday, April 1, 2016

Yesterday In The Yard

I'm in love with the blue hyacinths. The contrast is pretty with the white of the vinyl fence.
Our weather is so erratic. Nights in the 20's and 40's for the rest of the week and maybe one night below freezing and possible snow showers. Last frost dated do mean something.

Muscari weren't eaten after all. 

Dicentra has emerged but the fern is late and hopefully I haven't lost it. If it doesn't return it's another chance to plant something else.
The discount last minute bulbs did come up even planted lated they have some height.
The arborvitae is staked to try to keep it straight and tied as it split which they normally do. The 2 did poorly with 22 inches of snow and the other may not survive.
I planted some new lilies here but I don't know what that looks like. Time will tell.
I scattered a lot of seeds during the winter and some actually came up. Hopefully they'll get some vigor and height before the host and peony come out. That little area of dark green is culvers root. It actually survived.
Hydrangea is budding out nicely.

Rose bush looks good. My sister laughed yesterday when she visited me and came to see the yard. She also laughed at the bareness of the center of the yard. Her roses are always beautiful and one day I'll also have some that are but maybe not under the trees where it's too shaded.
Allium that squirrels hate so they're still there but it didn't stop them from chewing on them.

Japanese Anemone still coming up nicely.
The vegetables have grown in only a week. Broccoli rabe is beautiful.

Bib Lettuce

I planted most of the little seedlings. Maybe these will do something. 
Broccoli has grown.

The bare root strawberries have leafed out.
Pak Choy gew since planted.
Last years strawberries are starting to form new leaves and there's already 1 strawberry.
It looked pitiful when planted but, new leaves have emerged and it's perking up.
Last years coleus and impatient in the kitchen window. Didn't bloom all winter but when spring arrived it knew.

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