Saturday, May 28, 2016

Goodbye Pansies, Hello Calibrachoas

I get my monies worth in pansies and when they're done, they're done. Actually I'm disappointed because every spring I still see panises all over the city thriving. Am I doing something wrong or do I live a different microclimate? Out front the violas in my container are feeling the heat. I'll remove them tomorrow maybe and save them for the yard. Maybe they'll survive till fall although I don't expect them to bloom in the heat. We'll see.
That's better. Ready for the hot weather. Calibrachoas in the shade. The petunias I had in the yard did well last summer and bloomed so pressing my luck but lets see how they do.

I forgot to take a before picture. No sweetpotato vine this year. Although I saw it earlier in the spring at the nursery, I haven't seen any since. The tubers I saved from last summer  and planted haven't done anything but I'm still hoping.

The foliage from the grape hyacinths will take a while to yellow. I removed most of the faded foliage from the tulips and alliums. I'll add some humus and manure and a little soil before mulching.

Shasta daisy again. Will try it in another spot.
Ornamental onions. I have one out front. Love the allium like blooms all summer.
Planted both and a Chines foxglove last week. Waiting for regular foxgloves and some other 4" pot perennials.

The hostas are pretty but I've seen some eaten. Time for more Sluggo. I've only applied it once.
The peony is pretty and my little bloom is done.
Cucumbers haven't done much yet.
Guess I better cut the small heads because they're a little yellow and they'll go to seed.
First roses. If I get larger ones I'll cut them for inside.
I have a little grass from the seeds I've put down although it's patchy. Hopefully it'll fill out. Sod would probably be easier instant grass.

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