Saturday, June 11, 2016

No Zeal

Hope you've been having a beautiful gardening season. Zeal on my part has long since waned even though there are months left before Autumn. There are many task left out front and in the yard yet to complete. No sunflower or pumpkin seeds planted or mulching done out back yet. I've been waiting patiently for my Bluestone seedling order to arrive to complete summer planting before I mulch. June, July, and August are not as pretty times in the garden while waiting for each different perennial to bloom to provide some color. Out front the poppies bloomed. The tallest and largest they've ever been with blooms as large as my opened hands. Kept saying I'd take pictures but not being timely in between rain shower ended their show of delicate pink petals. The flower bed was looking messy so yesterday, in sizzling heat and tanned skin from the blazing sun and no hat, I cleaned it up some and it looks a little better.

Yellow day lilies now provide some needed color. Delphinium and salvia planted today in sizzling temperatures give additional added color. As I've not taken advice and planted in too hot temperatures, in previous years ending in dead plants, I planted again today. Hopefully deep watering before and after planting today and every day for a while will help  the plants develop new roots in their new home. The grass seedlings in the yard give the yard a less desert look. No more white, dry, sandy soil and tree roots that have crawled and extended their roots into my yard now look less noticeable. I was supposed to cut them but only trimmed one. Last night while watching Gardener's World on Youtube, Monty Don gave a solution to spotty grass which I thought was great. Plant a tray of plugs of grass seedlings and transplant those to empty spots in the ground. He added compost, grit, and, sand to each hole first. In fall, I think I'll try it. Untl then I'll hand seed again and see if most of the spots will fill out. I love Gardener's World and Monty's garden with his helpers. Late Saturday nights in bed are my time to watch the show. My date for the night.

My blackberries have pretty pink blooms. Animals as last year have eaten most of the ripe strawberries. Next season, netting. Broccoli went to seed and has yet to be pulled and not transplanted tomatoes remain in their containers. Next season, I'll stick to 2 tomato plants enough for my containers. Didn't think all the seeds would germinate as one pack was old. I haven't taken good care of my tomato plants and thus have no tomatoes on the 2 I've planted yet although they're growing nicely. The ornamental grass out front which started out beautifully looks horrible and went from a green mass to dried grass. What happened? I've only had it for 3-4 years. In fall I'll trim it level to the ground and see how it does next season. If it's time is past, I'll replace it with some type of sedge like carex that will stay green year round.
My grass seeds did well although patchy. I'll seed one more time then wait till fall to seed again.

One of 2 arborvitae recovered but not the other and it'll have to be replaced.
Last years lilies. Others planted were mostly eaten by squirrels although there are some that survived planted in the ground.

Kale and bags of leaf mold in plastic bags making up in the corner.
Broccoli went to seed.
Planted the outside planter a couple weeks ago.
Will share more pictures tomorrow. Have a good night.

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