Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Weekend

First bloom and waiting for the pink ones to bloom. This was the only surviving white pelargonium seedling.

Warm and a nice breeze today today. It's beautiful though.
Came outside to take pictures and he was in my flower bed digging. 

Daylilies finishing.
Part of what the squirrel was digging and eating. Tulips are still in the ground from early spring. I guess he'll eat all summer.
Waiting for the ornamental onion to bloom.

What happened to the grass?
The montauk daisies should be pretty this fall.

Lambs ear patch. Most died and this little bit survived. I ordered a new seedling although I do have seeds and started the original patch several years ago from seed. 
I like the blooms of the lambs ear. Some people cut them off.

That's a big coral bell.

About time for the arborvitae to go. I knew they'd grow so don't know why I'm surprised.
Seed pods from the poppies. 
The baptisia is only surviving not thriving. Maybe it's only getting established the first year.

Poison ivy. I sprayed it and it laughed at me. Looked the same the next day.

Was it sweet? No. Could have kept it on longer to get deep red but I wouldn't be the one eating it. They were supposed to be a very sweet berry. Oh well.

Something besides me has been eating.

I can see the blackberries. Not many though, Maybe next year
Didn't plan on working in the yard but branches from the tree and leaves covered the yard. It was also past due to spread a humus/compost mix and mulch. It felt good in the yard with a strong winds and shade. Much better than out front yesterday.

Pulled the broccoli, enriched the soil with compost and aged manure and planted pumpkin seeds for miniature pumpkins.

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