Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Future Butterflies And Parsley

And so the curley parsley enjoyed it's life basking in 90 degree heat and humidity in the tiny garden in Philly. Happy to be used in soup, poultry, and salads until... a mother butterfly searching for a host plant to safely lay it's eggs found it. Amazing what can be eaten in a few days.
It's amazing what the eye doesn't see, but I saw them almost immediately. What was a container of parsley this weekend is now stems. To think I complained about only seeing white moth butterflies in my yard. There obviously to eat broccoli and kale in the spring. Someone found the parsley. Isn't it amazing. Obviously other gardens have seen this but this is the first for me in my garden. Are they swallowtail butterflies which can be many varieties? Will they survive? They've eaten all the parsley except for stems. Will birds find and eat them before they transition to butterflies? You know I hate insects but respect their place in the environment as pollinators so crucial to plants, fruit, and vegetables. What is the role of butterflies in the food chain other than being beautiful and graceful? I'll have to read more and start with the North American Butterfly Association.
Will they transition into butterflies or be a hearty meal for the robins that love my yard?

They don't seem to like thyme.
Or my sad chives.
But 3 caterpillars ate my parsley. Will they eat the stems? Will I have to buy another plant for them?

The caterpillar crawled back after eating the last leaf and leaving evidence of it's meal on the steps.

They ate, and ate, and ate.

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