Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy July 4th

Apple blossom pink pelargonium starting to bloom. 

The whites are beautiful.

Balloon flower.
Gloriosa  lily vine not doing well since transplanted outside. It was thriving on my porch and ready to bloom. Don't know what happened to the first bloom. There are 2 tubers but only one grew so far. I hope a squirrel doesn't dig up the other one and eat it. They're not cheap.
In my yard to put up a table. Don't know why he was surprised to see me in my yard but he didn't move and I didn't move. He appeared stunned. After a stare down between he and I, he went up the tree ending his journey along the cable.
Miniature pumpkins starting to run. They'll have to be moved towards a trellis.
Finally some tomatoes and they must be the cherry ones because I can't imagine a full sized tomato on that small branch,
Torenia has beautiful blooms that remind me of pansies.

Hosta in bloom.

I need to add more annuals. Some died and it doesn't look like I want it to.

Some of the annuals died here also. I'll see what I can add.

Coleus and mum need some water. They're the only 2 plants wilted.
The fern is the healthiest and happiest plant in my yard.

My Swiss chard seedlings didn't die but it'll be fall before they're big. I guess they can be eaten as baby chard and it'll regrow.
Strawberries still making.

Cucumbers still doing well so far.
Time to barbecue tomorrow. Just my daughter and I. We'll see.
I sat and enjoyed the breeze under the trees. Going to have to spend more time in the yard and have breakfast and dinner during the summer before fall comes.
Have a beautiful day.

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