Saturday, August 6, 2016

Weekend In The City

The Democratic National Convention is over and now I can get into Center City to my appointment. Canceled it last week to avoid the crowd, traffic, and detoured bus routes.
Plants were everywhere in Center city from sidewalk planters, window boxes, and decorated store fronts. Didn't get to take pictures of the best arrangements that were beautiful because I try not to take pictures that show people who didn't ask for their photos to be taken and posted on the Internet. It was still crowded in town although the convention is over.

At the bookstore again to spend my gift certificate that I've had since my last birthday almost a year ago. Time to spend it since I'm asking for another one for the next big day.

Can't figure out what this donkey had to do with the convention and a scavenger hunt.

Still building shops and condos on Market Street.
You know you love everything related to gardening when you buy novels written by other gardeners about their gardens.
Suckered in by those adult coloring books.

The Farm Issue Magazine was free. I enjoyed the Farmer's Almanac Magazine.
I've been reading Southern Living Magazine for many years. My mother was from the south and used to subscribe to it when she was living and always sent my sister and I a subscription. Now, I have to order my own.

I've never been to this but this year it's during my birthday. Maybe we'll choose a participating restaurant for my birthday lunch or dinner.

I love Blue Mountain although I went for retreats not to the resort for skiing. That's and idea for this winter although I would go to enjoy the mountains, and beauty of the area and the snow.
Can't go down town without stopping at Reading Terminal Market for lunch. Sorry I bought lunch. The corned beef special was not good today. Sometimes the corned beef they use is a different brand and today was that day. The place where I get it used to be an Amish Market. Now it's owned by another vendor and the meat is not the same. I'll buy the Amish corned beef from one of their stands next time and make my own sandwich.
Of course I had to have some sunshine.
That was Friday. Today at home doing laundry and house chores. Peeked in the yard and picked some yellow cherry tomatoes from my bush. Nice mild taste. Seeds from Renee's Garden Seeds. Made a big bowl of salad.
Added tuna and drizzle of Caesar dressings; so good.
Swiss chard still surviving in the yard.
The cherry tomatoes are mixed, yellow, orange, and red.
If I get miniature pumpkins for every bloom, I may not have to buy any. That's not likely but lets see what happens. I don't see the pumpkin forming and have only had one pumpkin plant that formed a small developing one a few years ago. Do pumpkins have male and female flowers like cucumbers? Talking about cucumbers, I have 2. Don't remember planting the round type but I guess I did. Can't wait to see how they taste. 
Flat leaf parsley is growing again after eaten by caterpillars. It's ashamed parsley has to be planted every years since its biennial and sets seed the second year. The rest of the yard is the same, dry soil and only the strong survive. Almost fall, yeah!

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