Sunday, September 4, 2016

Almost Summers End

Finally some mini pumpkins. If they get full sized I'll be excited. Today I was going to pull up the vine because most of the blooms thus far were female. Glad I waited.
If all the pumpkins make it, I should have a good small harvest of mini pumpkins. Love the tendrils on the vine.
Small harvest of cherry tomatoes for salad.
It'll soon be time for the garden to sleep. Most of the plants have been nibbled by slugs. I added a few vinca today for some color until pansies and violas arrive. When we look out from inside at the garden it's nice to see some color and something pretty. Annuals planted for color have long since petered out. Most of the plants are green. Impatiens and vinca planted in the ground have not been in continual bloom. Likely due to little natural rain and no watering by me. I'm glad to put the garden to bed this season and just rest for a while. Not before planting bulbs though.
Creeping Jennie and vinca added.

The arborvitae is still in the black planter. I'll replace it before plants disappear from the garden center till spring. It's amazing what show did to it last winter. I didn't plant the elephant ears in the ground this year. Place it there to give everything a place while I cleaned up the yard. I have hydrangea and cone flower  that's been waiting over a month to go in the ground but it's been too hot.

The soil in the ground is dry and all the new grass that emerged from seed dried up with the heat.

Rested here for a while after finishing with the yard and enjoyed the cool breeze, butterflies, bees, and the birds singing. If the weather is beautiful tomorrow like it is today, I'll have my coffee and breakfast in the yard.

Impatiens in the yard don't look bothered by downy mildew but the ones out front have long been pulled from it.

Coleus eaten. Snails and slugs really love them.

Did you grill for the holiday? I may put something on the grill tomorrow or maybe not.
My mother's aloe from Georgia. It arrived from Georgia today with my brother. I have to keep this alive.My mother had it for years.
The pumpkin vines are healthy. Maybe frequent watering and some fertilizer will help the pumpkins to mature and grown.

Springs Swiss chard seedlings that I didn't pull. I'll top it off and see if I can get enough to eat by frost.
Lots of strawberry runners to plant.
Elephant ear from Uncle Charles in Georgia. I'll put it in peat moss and a box in the cellar till ready to plant again.
Hydrangea still waiting to be planted.

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