Thursday, October 20, 2016

Amaryllis By Christmas, Maybe

Trees have finally started to turn colors. It's a late start attributed to the weather according to the local nightly news. The National Forest Service talks about the exact amount of cool weather, pigment in the leaves, length of nights, and the weather helping to determine the colors of the leaves. A beautiful leaf on my car window teased me after work. Instead of getting out the car and bringing it inside with me, I actually thought it would stay attached for the ride home. Unfortunately it flew away with the breeze as the car moved. They'll be plenty of leaves for me to pick and admire this fall. I'd better pick them soon because it's predicted to be quick visual show this fall with trees suddenly changing and falling faster than usual. From what I see in Philly, I agree. A pile awaits me outside my house.

I've been getting a lot of views from unwanted sources. If you're not interested in gardening, and sharing your love of things that spring forth from the earth don't bother. I'm not interested in ads or unwanted views. For all those that enjoy a glimpse of my attempts at gardening, good, bad, and the ugly I appreciate you and enjoy reading your blogs. Thanks for the support.

It's a white bloom amaryllis named Merry Christmas. Lets see if it lives up to it's name and blooms by Christmas. One more awaits planting another day. If I stagger the potting time, I'll have amaryllis till spring maybe. The porch will be their home wile they sit in cooler temperatures developing roots till ready to bring inside.
Hopefully the container is large enough for both. It's deep so it should accommodate the roots. 
House plants were taken inside off the porch last week. A poor looking pepper plant may come inside under lights. Can a  pepper bloom indoors over winter? My clivia was repotted after making sure it still had roots. It had roots but has never thrived so maybe it's not receiving what clivias require at my house. Maybe over winter, the pots on the porch can be washed, organized and ready for spring and I can work on my cushions for the settee that I keep talking about sewing and haven't started. The settee also needs a spring re attached. The porch will soon be sharing wood for the fireplace. Our weather has been so unpredictable. Cold enough for heat and just short of 90 degrees yesterday, in the 80's today and cooling down again this weekend. And to think I wished for a fire in the hearth. The fan is blowing on me as I write.

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