Sunday, October 9, 2016

Preparing for Bulb Forcing and The House Plants

Transitioning from putting the garden to bed and getting plants ready to bring indoors although fun, can be just as much work as gardening outdoors. Although I don't have a separate refrigerator to chill bulbs in, I'm going to put them in their containers and they'll sit for 12-15 weeks eventually in cooler temperatures until time to bring inside to bloom. Magazines and books have a way to make houseplants look so inviting with inventive designs, containers and arrangements. I'm working on my houseplants. It's an added benefit that plants cleanse the air inside homes but I love them for their beauty, blooms, and variety.

 Two in each.The large amaryllis from Primex should fit these containers.
Last years amaryllis compared to the ones from Primex. No comparison! I have two and they did well all summer. I removed them from soil today and put them in brown paper bags to rest for a while in a cool dark place till time to plant again. This is the first time I haven't thrown them out and won't be wasting money when they can be saved from year to year.
Last years looks healthy. 
Looks like it's grown a baby.
I searched during the summer for bulb forcing vases at the thrift store and did find containers that I can use but really loved these today from the dollar store. Colored forcing vases on line cost much more than clear glass. The only color they didn't have was blue but maybe someone else liked them also and bought out that color. I'll look again on another day.

My favorite colors.
This winter I'm trying to make the plants look prettier. Started with a butterfly also from the dollar store. I'll probably add a cache pot and some moss, maybe. The leaves of the begonia from Primex last week was starting to curl and get dry even with added pebbles and water for added humidity so I put it in my small conservatory and it feels better to the touch from the added humidity. They've never been easy for me to grown indoors but hopefully it makes it because it's a pretty variety.

Sad excuse for African violets. I'm going to repot them except for the one in the corner which was repotted last year after I brought it. She should be in bloom with pretty deep purple flowers but I haven't been fertilizing her. They're my way to have guaranteed blooms during the winter as long as I feed them and provide hours of light. The light from the lamp on my table is usually all they need to stay in bloom.

I think this is a dracena. It was $3.00's and has grown in the few weeks I've had it. Trying to stay with plants that will thrive indoors in the conditions in my house. 
Pothos on each side of the fireplace. Given to me by my mother years ago. Anyone should be able to grow a pothos. When it came to my house the leaves were huge. One by one they died. I figured out that the larger and older the vine, the large the leaves will grow.
Second pothos from mom.
She's doing good since I started watering her more. From mom's house. Glad I haven't killed it.
Not sure of the name but it's a miniature and I've killed one before. Let hope this one survives. It was brought for a terrarium.
The bromeliad recently purchased for winter has lots of pups and the reason I chose this one. The foil wrapper needs to come off. I'll do that soon.

ZZ plant has loved the environment in my house and has thrived. It was tiny when I bought it and continues to add new branches sitting on the window seal next to the air conditioner with no direct sun and very little watering.
The candy I've been buying is sabotaging my weight loss. This was bought to be a terrarium and I think it needs to return to that purpose. I won't give up though. My body feels so much better with the small amount of weight I've loss. Remembering why I started this journey every time I think of making a poor food choice has to be my priority. I don't believe in avoiding foods because this often leads to feeling deprived and binging. Planning what I'll eat and including some treats works best for me but I need to stay committed to only eating what and the amount I planned.
Plant abuse. Never took the rabbit's foot fern out it's pot. It's still alive but it needs care and a fresh start after the container is emptied, cleaned, and fresh materials added.
Hopefully I'll get to the seed rack tomorrow after other chores. I have to start bringing plants in off the porch. Prune back geraniums I pulled last week and plant to go inside, plant an elephant's ear that didn't stay dormant when it arrived from Georgia, and spray my citrus trees and banana with homemade inscticidal soap. The geraniums are my seedling I started last fall and I love the pale pink and white flowers. It would be nice if it didn't get like this every season.
One of 2 fresh bouquets to brighten up my Saturday.

Snap dragons and puruverian lilies. I like thim before they fully open.

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