Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The College of Physicians of Philadelphia

Hope you voted today. Here in the United States we'll have a new president sometime tonight. It's been a beautiful work day. Schools were closed for students but today was a professional development day for staff. So I spent my day with other nurses at the The College of Physicians of Philadelphia. The building is not actually a college but a professional medical organization founded in 1787 for the advancement of the science of medicine. The college holds various educational programs as well as events. 

Many years ago I presented there at a public health poster session for my final master's project before graduation. I've been several times before since then but have never visited their Mutter Museum, one of the main attractions. Preserved anatomical specimens, skulls, tumors, and medical oddities preserved in jars including Albert Einstein's brain, is not my thing. If I did go in you can't take pictures anyway so I couldn't show you so you'll have to visit yourself if that interest you.

I obviously missed what was the main attraction for me although I had never noticed it. It was the perfect afternoon to have lunch in their Benjamin Rush Medicinal Garden. It's great to be at work and visit a courtyard garden at the same time. Although it's fall, we haven't had our first frost in my area and many plants, perennials, herbs, and of course evergreen shrubs remain green. The chamomile or feverfew was still in bloom but white swan coneflower is now much appreciated seed heads for the birds. My favorites was seeing what ailment each plant was used to treat.

Didn't think to take a picture of the entrance. This is from the side out in the garden.

Inside the library where coffee, tea, and later lunch was served.

View from my seat. Time for lunch.
Opposite the courtyard. Beautiful building.

The special exhibition were portraits of skulls.
Hosta and probably Solomons's seal.

Wonder if a fountain was once attached to the structure in the center? It may still function as a fountain or birdbath in the summer.I'll have to come back in spring when everything is in bloom.

Allium (onions)
I didn't photograph the plant tag but I know it's feverfew or chamomile.

I love maidenhair fern.

I didn't photograph the plant label but it looks like lambs ear. I have read that it was used as band aids for wounds.

Cranesbill geranium must be pretty during the summer in bloom. There were a lot of geraniums.
I really liked the pulmonaria and want some for my yard.

I've never seen valerian but have taken it in the past as a sleep aid.

The lavender smelled wonderful. Had to touch it to capture the essence.

White swan coneflower
A lone rose bush hopefully an antique rose.

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