Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bulbs, Forcing,and The Sewing Machine

Hyacinths that I hope grow full sized but they've only had 12 weeks rooting in the cold not 16. Lets see what happens.

In spite of the cold on the porch the paperwhites know it's time  and started developing roots. I planted most in sterile seed starting mix and the last few in water.

All the other bulbs were planted outdoors except these and the ones I kept to force, one amaryllis, and 2 packages of narcissus I'll plant at my parents grave.

Would be nice to have all the containers clean but that won't be happening today. I'm not starting seeds so.

I use anything permeable including newspaper and weed cloth which is on the porch. Don't want to go out and cut any so a napkin will do to prevent soil from coming out but still allow the water to drain when I water the pot.

All 10 tulips didn't fit although I could have squeezed them in. They should be well rooted by spring on the porch.



Haven't sewn in years and the last time I used my machine I couldn't get the tension correctly adjusted. FInally I'll get around to making chair cushions for the settee on the porch. It's been so long since I bought the fabric that I don't like the color. Maybe a trip to the fabric store is in the near future. Thought about going today but I won't behave so I'll wait for another day.

It's been a long time. I have to figure out how to get the bobbin case out. 

The inside needs to be cleaned out. It's a little dusty. I have a small brush to do that.

Remembered how to take it out and take the foot off.

How am I supposed to find anything!

Cutting wheels. Stopped using this when I sliced myself one day but they're excellent for cutting straight edges.

My cutting board and mat. 

Thread not where it should be.

I'll practice on a piece of old patch.

Different foots to use such as a zipper foot when putting on a zipper. That's the metal one on the left.

It's been so long I can't remember what sized needle to use. These are all one size but I have others.

Fabric I picked a couple of years ago but would like something else. I do have other fabric, just have to look through it.

Going to do a straight stitch so I'll set it to number 5.

Tension still not adjusted correctly. After everything I realized my bobbin has a metal case. That's why it isn't working correctly. Now I have to find the case.

I need to go get more cording. Cording makes a nice professional trim. When I get my bobbin together and tension correct I'll show you the end product. The fabric was already put on the chair and cut to fit. The settee has rounded edges so although I've always bought square cushions from the store, the only way to get ones that fit the chair is to make my own. I love to sew but there's only so much time in a day. I love making curtain, pillows, and clothing. 

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