Tuesday, December 13, 2016

In The House

Amaryllis Rosa bloomed. I kept her name tag. It doesn't exactly look like the one on the tag.

I like the color but with such a large bulb I expected the bloom to be much larger although there's a second flower stalk yet to open. I expected it to be spectacular, not so.

Trying to root roses. Gardeners who root roses are probably horrified. No time to read how to root them. They looked so healthy I hated to throw them out after trimming my rose arrangement. Actually new flowers have opened since I planted them.

I have 3 kalanchoe on my desk at work and took a piece to root. Inserted it in a plastic bag and it rooted in a short time. Now I'm going to break pieces of each one, yellow, pink, and red to root and see what I can do with them.

I'll put them on the porch this time to let them root. The others left will be put in soil. For some reason for the second year I've had a hard time forcing them in water. In years past I've bought the  ones from Homedepot and  they immediately grow roots and flower. These are larger and maybe do better in soil but that might start fungus gnat problems. Last year I ordered from an
online nursery and they never rooted. I got a credit which I never used. Of the first ones forced only one has rooted and will soon bloom. It's roots cover the whole container.

Not the colorful blooming display I envisioned. Those miniature fruit trees have not thrived. Something I haven't done is probably the problem but if they don't make it, next time I'll start with a larger plant from a different nursery.

Geranium seedlings brought in from outdoors and the calibrachoa not in bloom at this time but it's been blooming since I brought it inside. It's starting to look a little raggedy. One geranium didn't make it and I have to remove that. the others put on new leaves and are surviving. When I start seedlings this year I'll save some for just indoors instead of trying to take them in to save in fall.

A piece of ivy leaf geranium that fell off and I rooted in water. It's my first time trying this and I think I'll take some cuttings to help fill out the pot before spring.

Ivy leaf geranium seedling doing good back inside. I need to add more to the container to fill it out.

My begonia is hanging on but it like to stay moist and the leave sometimes dry out as the one shown although the pot sits on pebbles with water for extra humidity. It did bloom for me though so I  must be doing something right.

Ordered my seeds from Swallowtail. Althoough they don't have sales I've never had problems with their seeds germinating and they have a large variety of seeds. Shipping was free and they're was no tax. There normal rate for shipping is fixed and reasonable compared to other seed companies. Going to try gryphon begonia again. They grew well last season but take months to germinate. Just when I was going to throw out the container they germinated and did well until I lost interest. Growing them for house plants.

Ordered more coleus seeds than I planned.

I liked the new dusty miller and will try dichondra again and heuchera.

Trying marigold this season.

Salmon blooms were my choice this season and a pretty red one.

Trying pumpkin again. It's supposedly a short vine that does well in containers.

This is actually a hardy geranium. Looking forward to seed starting after Christmas. First I have to put some in the refrigerator for a period of cold mainly the perennials like heuchera, coneflower, and bergenia.

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