Monday, December 19, 2016


The ice and snow was beautiful Friday night into Saturday. I prepared by getting everything done like shopping so Saturday was spent getting the house ready for family coming for Christmas Dinner. The tree is finally up minus millions of needle that fell from a very fresh tree that sat on the porch in a bucket of frozen water to my horror. Temperatures had been below freezing at night. Everything froze on the porch including forced bulbs waiting to come inside. I hope they make it.
It'll be above freezing for the rest of the week although this morning was bitter cold outside with wind. Although I still have a lot to do inside to get the house ready, I have to try and squeeze in one day to get some more bulbs planted in the yard and out front before the next weather event.

Moving furniture around to clean under, mop, and wax the floor. In between Callie and I sat by the fire with  the warmth burning up my back, but it felt good.

Her name is not Rosa but amaryllis Vera. Maybe she'll actually make it to Christmas.

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