Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Little Springtime

I love stock. This type is slightly scented.Haven't had fresh cut flowers for a while. Looks like delphinium or larkspur but I believe it's stock because the leaves aren't like delphinium.

I had some of this for Christmas but I don't know if it's an ornamental cabbage or the new big leaf dusty miller. Looks like dusty miller to me from the pictures I looked at on a nursery website. I'll now soon enough. The ones I sowed have started to germinate.

Had enough for 3 vases, some for each room.

Dichondra Silver Falls, six of 10 seeds germinated.

Sown in larger pots till they have to be separated.


Geraniums/Pelargoniums. Have to call Swallowtail next week about the geranium seeds. The other's hardly germinated and those that did looked deformed. I want more seeds or a refund. White swan echinacea also didn't do well. The seedlings aren't healthy appearing. The other 2 types sown did well. To my amazement bergenia seedlings have started to germinate. I thought they'd take longer. Hosta seedlings were moved to the porch for a period of cold, then I'll return them to the heat mat. Chocolate covered cherry coleus has germinated but most of the other coleus seeds have to still be sown. Hope your seed starting is going well.

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