Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Weekend

Our second snow this week. Not much just a few inches. Can't kill those pansies or lambs ear. A poppy plant also hasn't been phased by the temperatures, snow, or ice. I covered bulbs out front with chicken wire and a brick to hold them down. Squirrels must be really hungry this winter because they dug deep tunnels under the chicken wire to get to bulbs. I'm going to get them.

Still taking down decorations but got the tree out New Year's day.

People in Philadelphia were asked to stay off the road if they didn't have to be out and normally I don't go out in snow if I'm not working. Yesterday I was out by 7:30 with snow flurries that covered everything by the time I arrived back home with these. Yep, looking at flowers in a snowstorm and getting seed starting mix and a couple packs of seeds. I suffered later with achy joints and pain. Spent a lot of the day on the sofa. Going out was not a good idea. I'll work on  the seed shelf again tomorrow.

Their place for now. Usually they do well here and will bloom year round with only table light left on a few nights a week.

Still beautiful for a short while.  I learned that I like them cut. Maybe next year I'll buy more for cutting only. 

Part of the plan for yesterday was to clean  and wipe down the seed starting shelves so I can sow some seeds. Didn't get too far but the plants on the shelf were moved to other homes on window seal in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Calibrachoa may appreciate cooler temperatures in the window seal as well as the geraniums. They looked perky this morning. I still have to put away the Christmas dishes, glasses, and cutlery.

Ivy leaf geranium yet to bloom. It had one bloom this summer on the porch and I accidently knocked it off before it bloomed. Don't think I'll bring pelargoniums inside that I grow from seed this fall. I'll keep this one and see how long it lives. It roots real well in water. Pelargonium appleblossom is also in the window.

Time for brunch, homemade biscuits and orange juice.

Loves that tube and my garden shoe.

This is what she does most of the day after a play break or no play break.

Don't know why I waited till today to clean the car. The coldest day of winter so far.

I'll defrost the windows.

Sixteen degrees inside the car.

Time to warm up. Cup of, tea, or hot chocolate. My assistant principal gave me this cup for Christmas with another box of tea. Isn't it pretty and a thoughtful gift.

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