Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Welcome February

The featured picture on my February calendar. It's actually February tomorrow. Can't beat geraniums in clay pots in summer. That looks like a plastic pot though. How are my geranium seedlings doing? Yesterday disappointed with 2 varieties not germinating, I dug up the seeds that didn't to see what they were doing and replanted them. Last year I had problems with geranium seeds from another company and got replacement seeds that germinated without problems. Sometimes it is the seed that may be a problem, not the sower. Digging them up, replanting, and watering helped  some and a few emerged today but I did get a chance to call Swallowtail Garden to speak with them about my concerns with the nano and maverick seed that didn't germinate. The customer service representative was nice. I opted for replacement seeds but didn't force the issue with dichondra silver falls. I told  the rep that only 7 of 10 seeds germinated and she stated that was normally the germination rate. But, if  I pay for 10 seeds, I expect them all to germinate. 

It's actually my forced hyacinth. Almost full sized. Next season, perfection. I put them back on the porch in the hope that more chill time would result in larger ones and it worked for this one. 

Heat mat is out of space. Twelve trays and one on the radiator and I haven't finished. tonight I sowed a tray with 30 cells of coleus and not recommended, some delphinium which may germinate at a different time and have different requirements for heat, light, and humidity. Some things work and some don't. I hope not wanting to prepare another tray will result in no delphinium seedlings. I know the coleus will germinate. If the others don't I've only lost a dollar pack of seeds and will try again. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have lots of delphinium for the cost of one dollar? I broke down and payed full price for only one last summer. It was worth the money, just beautiful. They're hardy in my region and I hope it returns in the spring.
New to the family and a plant that has done well for me and I don't think I'll kill. Believe they're dracenas. There's also a small fern which I have little success with but it was only$2.50. So far, it's actually still alive. I love them but they don't love my house except for the foxtail fern that does well for me. But I love other varieties that don't thrive in my house.

Seeds still to sow including some to winter sow outside. I sprinkle them on the soil and hope some germinate in the spring. The African daisies are my favorites and germinate easily but so far I haven't been successful getting them to planting out size. This season I'm going to try placing them in a cool location once they germinate and see if this helps. I'll have to do some reading again about their growing requirements.

Orchids from Christmas have done well just siting on the dining room table. The ones in my bathroom are also doing well.

Last but not least, my beautiful girl. We'll have a play session before my bedtime. Have a restful sleep tonight. Tomorrow is another chance to garden but first, work.

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