Sunday, February 26, 2017

Almost Spring

It's amazing how one hyacinth can light up a whole room with it's fragrance. Although many of the ones I forced were short due to not enough chill time, it didn't stop their fragrance no matter how small. I'm hooked and look forward to bulb forcing next fall. Crocus and tulips planted months ago and left in pots on the porch have started to emerge.  Forcing bulbs has become one of the most enjoyable parts of winter for me and although I don't have a greenhouse or conservatory, my small sunporch allowed the small fir trees bought to add a touch of green during the winter and bulbs, an enclosure to provide me some green and fragrance in the mist of days with less hours of light and flowers blooming. I'm excited seeing all the bulbs and perennials emerging from the soil. Lettuce and radishes sown last weekend were the first to emerge in the containers in the yard. I'll be more excited to see carrot and beet seedlings which I've never grown.

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