Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Indoor Seedlings

Swiss Chard (I labled it as kale but of course it's chard, and not lettuce below but kale.)

Russian Kale

Bush tomatoes and hot peppers.

Simpson lettuce was old seed along with some yellow bell peppers. Don't think they'll germinate.


The surviving geraniums with one that won't make it below.

Time for the coleus to be separated.

Bergenia looks like that after all these weeks. Guess it's a slow grower, lol! You should see the few dusty miller large leaf seedlings.  

Dichondra is something I may not try again. Waiting patiently to see what more they'll do.

 Hosta seedlings have not germinated. Next time I'll start with the recommended cold treatment. About 4 begonia seedlings germinated but they're tiny as they usually are at this stage. One delphinium seedling germinated and 3 foxglove seedlings that are tiny specks and don't look helpful. I still would like to start black-eyed Susan vine, hyacinth bean vine, zinnias, dahlias, African daisies, and calendula.

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