Thursday, February 2, 2017

Proud Mother of Seedlings

Echinacea Purpurea

Bergenia, only 3 so far but I'd be happy with that if they reach full size.

Another tray of echinacea. with less germination.

My coleus and some delphiniums in the tray and herbs in pots.  No germination yet.

Dusty miller large leaf. They're germinating slowly but I have plenty of seeds left if I need to sow some more.
Geraniums that didn't germinate banished to the radiator for heat to make space for seedlings that are germinating. I'll throw these out when new seeds to replace them arrive from Swallowtail Garden Seeds.

The only 2 white swan echinacea seeds to germinate. This is not a good picture but I was excited when I checked them today and they were starting to get their true leaves. I had to cover them again with a humidity dome because they do better with the added humidity. I'll remove it when the grow larger. Actually they're in a saved fast food container with it's top.

Geraniums seedlings. You can see the ones that are thriving and those that are not. I don't give up on any seedling until it bites the dust, so lets see what happens with the smaller ones.

Proud of my dichondra silver falls. What this picture doesn't show is  their true leaf in silver developing. This weekend maybe Swiss chard, lettuce, and peppers maybe. I have to check how many weeks before it's okay to set them out before I start them although tomatoes and peppers can't go out till after frost, chard and lettuce are cool season veggies and can go out early.

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