Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Starting To Look Like Parsley

My parsley has started to get it's true leaves and is looking like parsley. I have to get my other herbs started. Still waiting on rosemary to germinate. It'll be nice not to have to buy any this season. Now that I know how easy it is to start I'll never buy any. Another pot would be nice for my window sill in the kitchen so when fall comes I won't have to try to bring it indoors I'll already have some that has adapted to growing indoors I hope.
Freckles Lettuce. I thought more seeds were planted . Some may still germinate but if not, I can start more.
Swiss chard also started to germinate. I planted vegetable seeds last Sunday including, kale, tomato, peppers, and another vegetable I don't remember.

Coleus seedlings starting to get their coloration.

Cut the plastic from the chard and lettuce while the others remain covered until they germinate.
Did you have your Valentine treat? You can have these 2, saved them for you. Waited over an hour in line at the bakery for these cup cakes. Everyone had the same idea on Monday. I thought going one day early would beat the crowed but it didn't. For my daughter and sister. My daughter came home from work and said, "I know you didn't." She'll eat them! Dieting can wait one day.

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