Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Seedlings

Before the seedlings; blooming in the house.

Paperwhites are still living. I thought they'd be finished by now and I'm enjoying them.

Delphiniums are still in bloom. I'm more shocked by them because they took all week for the blooms at the top of the stems to open. Didn't think the blooms would. They've done well since last Saturday.

Kolanche seedling rooted and still living.

Ask me what it is. Didn't label it but it's either parsley or rosemary. I'm guessing it's parsley. Rosemary has not germinated yet. Dill, chives, and my favorite thyme still need to be started.

Dichondra silver falls has developed it's silver leaves. A seedling died. I should have ordered more seeds because five seedlings may only fill out one container.

Will transplant geranium seedlings tomorrow for they start cutting up. The 3 seedlings in the back will be trashed. I usually give all seedlings a chance but that's not a good idea because if they don't thrive as seedlings they may not thrive later or survive. I want to pull off the dying seed leaves but I'll let them dry up naturally then remove them.

Coleus seedlings and 4-6 cells of delphiniums that didn't germinate because they required a period of cold that they didn't receive. I'll try again with them. Patiently waiting to see what colors germinated. they do have a little color on their tiny true leave developing but the picture doesn't show it.

Delphiniums  didn't germinate in the six cells at the bottom on the left.

I put these geraniums seeds to the side with other seeds to trash becasue it's been weeks and they didn't germinate. After removing them from heat, when I came home the next day to trash them, 3 germinated. Did they know it was the end for them? This seed was a probem. I've never had geranium seed take more than 2-3 days to germinate.

Echinacea Purpera didn't do as well either. Four of 12 seedlings .

Only 3 white swan echinacea germinated. I let them dry out last night and 2 died. This one may not survive. I'll sow more of them from old stock I have in the refrigerator where I keep them. I bought these fresh seeds from Swallowtail and they didn't do well. Waiting on replacement seeds to arrive.

Echinacea is really doing well and is starting to look like echinacea. If these do well, I'll never buy another plant from the nursery when they germinate without any difficulty if the seed is good seed and has a chill period.

The stars echinacea, I think prairie splendor's doing better than I imagined.

A few bergenia and dusty miller seedlings. Doesn't look like I"ll get more to germinate.

Dichondra put back on seed shelf. I keep the humidity dome on because the dry out fast and I lost one that way.

I photographed them on the heat mat but they are came off the mat once they germinated.

Will pot geraniums and dichondra tomorrow. After clearing the shed all day to find pots and Jiffy pellets no transplanting or planting seeds will be done today.

Will start with plastic cups to transplant.
Chose these to start tomorrow.

Will try rainbow chard again but try it in a larger container because it didn't do well at all in the container grown in last season.

Can't start them all but will get to these during the season.

This one is new for me and I've had these seeds a long time. Hope it germinates.

Won't start both this spring. Red Russian for spring, and lacinato for fall, maybe. It did well for me last season.

No success last season with the yellow bell pepper and only had one orange pepper. I'll try again and try to find a sunny spot.

Trying to stick to patio and bush tomatoes this season and bush cucumbers when it's time to start them.

Will start some old geraniums seeds that were lost, more chocolate mint coleus, and see how lupine and larkspur do for me.

Can't start all the lettuce now but I have all summer in a cool shaded spot.

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