Sunday, February 26, 2017

Transplanting Coleus

Coleus seedlings never disappoint and are one of the easiest seedlings to grow.

Leaving the smaller ones in the tray to grow more before removing.

One delphinium seedling. Hope it makes it.

Leaving the white centered ones in the tray also.

Only 3 chocolate covered cherry coleus survived.

African violets are loving the light on the seed shelf but will have to be moved soon for seedlings. I'm running out of space but still have a few seeds to start.

Tomatoes really look good and healthy. Glad I only sowed 3 because all 3 are doing well. 9 black krem tomatoes also germinated. I'll post them another day.

The healthier of 6 pelargoniums. Don't think I'll start the replacement seeds that came in the mail for mavrick and nano. If 4 survive that'll be enough..

Don't know why I thought the Russian kale was lettuce but recognized the leaves when it developed it's true leaves.

Hot peppers

About 8 foxgloves are hanging in there. This may take all summer to get them to some size and next year till bloom if they make it.

I love dill but it looks like a problem to grow and may do better direct sow outdoors. Lets see what happens to it.

Big leaf dusty miller about 8-9 seedlings hanging in there. I'll make time this week to transplant the ones that germinated and throw out the ones that didn't. A lot of seeds came in the pack so I can try them again.


Russian kale again.

Hot Peppers

Thyme was knocked over but I think I;ll have enough seedlings if they survive.

Was still holding out for more echinacea to germinate but I'll keep these 2 and throw the other pellets out.

Basil seems to be an easy herb to grow. I have 1 shred like rosemary seedling or it may be a weed, lol! Chives have not germinated. Maybe it's also difficult. I'll have to do some research on it.

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