Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Winter Day

I've seen people in shorts and shirts bearing bellies this past week. Wouldn't know it today. It's nice and toasty in the house sitting by the fire with frigid temperatures outside. A reminder that it's still winter. Hope you're enjoying seed catalog's, ordering plants to arrive at the appropriate time for planting out in your zone, and looking at perennials, bulbs, and trees awaking in your garden as God say's it's time, awaken. At my house I'm still playing in the soil and hopefully will have some plants that survive till time to plant out after the last frost. 

One more day and all my wood will be burned, until fall. Unless  we have a few more cold days like these and I want a fire.

Only a few pieces left along with lots of calcium chloride unused because we had little snow and ice. I'll have plenty for next winter.

They were frozen this morning on the porch.

Went to the fabric store on Friday and picked out another fabric for my chair on the porch. Now to start sewing. I promised myself I'll get to it soon.

Enjoying the fire on the treadmill. That's as much use as it gets. I put it away and my daughter took it back out. She has walked on it since then.

My beauty. She's rotten and requires lots of attention and affection.

I brought these down this morning to read. Who was I kidding. I took a nap, ate breakfast after waking up, and planted some seeds. My intentions were good. Sad to learn that David Jensen who has a blog by the same name of his book, The Garden Interior has written his last post and closed his blog. I just found it.  I'll finish enjoying the book and read his past posts.

I will read today's reading before bedtime.

Looking for foxgloves. Although I have some sad looking one I grew, if they survive they won't bloom till next spring and I'd like some for the yard this season.

Burpee is in another county outside Philadelphia and I think I'll go visit this summer.

My daughters seeds from Longwood Garden's last Mother's Day. I've been asking her for them for a while so I can start them but the lavender needs a chill period so it'll go in the refrigerator. Lavender has had a hard time in my garden but we'll try it in pots for her and let her tend to it. Will start the cosmos and nasturtiums today.

Started these today except the cypress vine. I was glad to find the hyacinth bean vine at Reading Terminal. The flower shop has a seed rack of Botanical Interests seeds. Normally I get mine from there and can save on the shipping cost.

Seed shelf getting full. Need to get out a light for the bottom rack since it's now clear for seedlings.

Started a tray of these today. Let's look at the seedlings.

I'll have to make time to start transplanting vegetable seedlings when there's time.

Coleus seedlings are small but it's time for them to be transplanted.

Foxgloves. If they make it, it'll take all summer for them to do something. We shall see.

Bergenia are small but I going to plant up those that germinated and get rid of all the pellets from all the other seedlings also that didn't germinate. They'll be more room for those that survived. I'm excited to see what they look like in a few months.

Echinacea, chocolate covered cherry coleus, and a few tiny geraniums all put in the same container till I have time to transplant them.

Dichondra silver falls hanging in there. It's surprised me. Thought they'd be dead by now.

Bad hair day parsley. Actually I'm glad it's doing well. Of the herbs plant it's doing the best.

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