Sunday, March 19, 2017

Day 2 Philadelphia Flower Show

Ecodome from Holland.

One of my favorite shops.

Love these type of scenes. 

Loved the gardening class Growing Fruits and Vegetables Organically and will attend more at future flower shows.

My sister's neighbor always does something for the show with her garden club. Congratulations Linda for second place in your category.

Wonder if mine will bloom. It has grown.

I like this coleus.


Bamboo from the show. Had to remove it because my cat loved it.

Trying again with alocia Polly.

Tillandsia. Guess I can't kill them. A little soak in water and remove and they should live. Lets see.

Planned on buying seeds for lemon grass but why? For 4.00$'s a pot that beat the cost of seeds and shipping. Now to keep it alive till after frost.

My first orchid not a phalaenopsis. High light the orchard man told me and it blooms only once a year. It cost too much to let it die but was part of my budget for the show.

Also bought lavender Hidcote hardy in my zone. Smells wonderful. Hopefully it survives. It was a good price for four dollars. My last purchases were flowering fern and 2 packs of flower seeds, watermelon radishes, and borage purchased last Saturday. Two days and eight hours and I still didn't see everything. If you missed the show, it's now count down till next year. Waiting for the theme for 2018.

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