Sunday, March 12, 2017

My Visit to the Philadelphia Flower Show 2017

Opening day for the flower show has arrived. It's bitter cold in Philly but we escaped measurable snow and ice from yesterdays storm. The beautiful blue sky with puffy white clouds is deceptive. It's been bad weather the past few year for the opening so I'm glad it was speared this year and people who want to attend can come. I'll begin by apologizing for poor picture taking. Many of the pictures I took turned out blurry and couldn't be included. Can't blame it on the cameras. I believe a good picture even when taken with inexpensive unprofessional cameras, take care and planning. Something I didn't do today. I was more interested in seeing the show and finding out what goodies were for sale this year. 

What did I think of the show? Slightly disappointed. "Holland Flowering the World', was hipped up all year. I heard there would be a certain number of flowers. There probably were but somehow I expected a grander display. Most of the shows I've attended already have a large array of spring bulbs and we've had some beautiful shows. The show let me down. I love cottage gardens so I got my filll of these types of displays today. Holland produces most of our bulbs and I expected grandeur. There were few allium and specialized bulbs. Of course Holland is know for it's tulip fields and there were plenty of tulips. You be the judge. Everyone has their own opinion. A good number of tulips were starting to die on opening day but I guess you can't expect perfection forcing thousands of bulbs and having to pack, ship them, and keep them alive.

Always a favorite of mine are botanical illustration drawings. Didn't know they can't be photographed so I won't post the few pictures I took. Pictures were done by the Philadelphia Society of Botanical Illustrators. I learned from the hostess who had 2 pictures displayed, that the pictures were drawn in pencil and finished with watercolor. They were all beautiful and may inspire me to take some classes with the instructor who gives private lessons in Philadelphia. Since I can already draw as most members of my family on my father's side, that part may not be too hard. Although I wanted to attend art school, nursing won out. Looking forward to finding out more information about illustration classes.

Balcony displays, container gardens, and door fronts are also my favorites, as well as floral arrangements. They all were beautiful. Miniatures is another favorite which I didn't look at today but plan to next week when I return for the second day. Still have to see the plants from home gardeners and carefully walk through the World Market again to see what's new. Hopefully I won't buy anything I don't need. I've gotten better and don't buy what I know won't survive in my house just because I like it. Left the fancy and scented geraniums there. Last year I had an allergic reaction after touching and smelling them. Probably not something I should have in the house. My plan was another clivia and a different type of orchid since I now know how not to kill them. Can't pay a lot of money for an orchid and kill it. I didn't buy either today. Settled for another alocasia Polly and some miniature plants for a terrarium. 

I didn't go in the most important attraction, the Ecodome from the Netherlands'. Maybe on my next day. The Ecodome is a 3,5000 square foot shaped exhibition of the Netherlands' most innovative green technologies. Saw the top of the dome but too many people today. There were a variety of classes in the design gallery. Couldn't purchase anything at Meadowbrook Farm's store unless I planned on standing for quite a while; long lines is an understatement. Lemon verbena and freesia soap is my favorite but I couldn't wait in line for it. Didn't go see the butterflies this year. Freaked me out last year. There was also a new seed vendor Hudson Valley Seed Company. If they've been there in years past I haven't seen them. Another favorite was a large train display which I passed and forgot to return to see all the details. I loved my brothers trains as a child.

Many of the displays included bicycles. I'm assuming people do a lot of bicycling in Holland and they must be healthy with all the exercise. There's plenty to eat inside the Convention Center and in the surrounding neighborhood including my favorite, the Reading Terminal Market where the crowd felt like walking in New York City during rush hour. My favorite, the pulled pork sandwich from the Amish Market. What ever your taste, there's a variety of food and sweets. Enjoy. Lets see a little of the show.

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